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Youngstown officials blast writer over city’s portrayal

I am sure if the voters of the Valley keep on electing Democrats things will get better

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Biden assails GOP at Youngstown rally


You say "You want proof that Iraq was a war for oil? When oil deposits were discovered in Iraq it was American oil companies that helped build the infrastructure, refineries and pipelines to get their oil industry up and running."

Like I said, nothing but speculation and conjecture. I want proof. Show me a position paper from the Bush White House saying that the war was for oil. How about interview with administration officials saying the reason for the war was for oil. Prove to me that Bush is a puppet. Don't just give me your opinion, I want proof of your accusations.

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Biden assails GOP at Youngstown rally


you say, "also has been a war about greed for oil." Where is your proof of this?

Other than conjecture and speculation, there is nothing to back up your claim. Do you really think that Bush would enter into a war, let his approval ratings slip to about 30% and likely ensure that he will go down in history as one of the least liked presidents just so his buddies could make some money?

As for you bringing up greed, can I ask you a couple questions? Have you or your family members ever turned down a raise? If not, does that make you greedy because you wanted more than you already have? I am sure that there are people in this world who make less than you and your family does, did you give your raise to those who need it more than you do? If not, doesn't that make you greedy?

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Biden assails GOP at Youngstown rally

I find it ironic that Williams would question the credentials of a governor. Especially considering that he heads one of the ten fastest dying cities in America according to Forbes. And Williams didn’t inherent all the problems that Youngstown has from Republicans, he got them from decades of Democrat and union control and corruption.

Unfortunately for Youngstown, Obama and Biden will pull the wool over your eyes once again and you will be convinced to vote Democrat once again because this time things will be different. The Citizens of Youngstown will forget about the promised Pentagon payroll center that Bill Clinton promised would bring 7,000 jobs to the Valley. They will forget the years of Democrat corruption in Mahoning County from politicians like Dann, Philomena and Traficant.

Biden said that McCain and Palin “…don’t understand the problems of Youngstown.” Really? The “problems” of Youngstown is maintaining the status quo. The Democrats have failed Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley again and again. Too bad the people have their heads stuck in the sand and think that the Democrats will bring back jobs, that the steel industry’s return is right around the corner, and Youngstown will become a vibrant city once again by using the same policies that the Democrats have been using for the last half century.

Do I think that Republicans are perfect? Is McCain going to be perfect for America? Assuredly not, but after seeing what Democrats and union hacks have done to the Valley in the last 6 decades, maybe the people of the Valley should wake up and give someone else a shot.

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McCain and Palin ready to fight for Ohio


Obama & Biden will bring change?

Will they bring the same kind of change that Democrats have been bringing to the Valley for the last 100 years?

Under Democrat leadership the Valley has lost thousands of jobs, companies have picked up and moved, the population has declined significantly along with the quality of life.

Sure, Democrats promise a lot to the Valley for their votes, but have they delivered? When are they going to start building the Pentagon payroll processing center that Bill Clinton promised? It was going to bring 7,000 jobs to the Valley. I stopped holding my breath years ago.

People in Youngstown and the Valley cannot blame the Republicans at the national level for the failures of local Democrats.

I am sure that Obama would bring change, but I for one don't think his brand of change is a good thing.

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McCain and Palin ready to fight for Ohio


McCain has admitted to the world that when he was young he was self absorbed, only caring about himself. He openly admits that he picked fights and broke rules. But McCain changed for the better, just like we all can. Just because he didn't come in first in his class, or even in the top half, doesn't disqualify him from being president.

Do I think McCain is perfect? Not by a longshot, but he is better than the alternative.

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McCain and Palin ready to fight for Ohio


Don't forget that Al Gore, champion of the environment and former presidential candidate, couldn't handle graduate school and dropped out not once but twice. Gore received 5 F's while in Vanderbilt Divinity School.

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