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Truck driver reaches plea deal in crash that killed 3 Marine recruits

And I am still wondering how someone with a drug conviction and drunken driving record is hired by Strimbu to drive a Semi truck???

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Taking business away from one town to give to another? So how long before we are stuck with an empty racetrack/casino because they have decided to move it to another small town?

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Tracy Morgan’s mom: ‘I’m trying to find the answer’

I agree with mrrjytown, there are two sides and not everyone likes to air their dirty laundry in public.
I did find some things in the story odd. I applaud her for raising 20 foster kids, but shes only paid 6,000 on her mortgage in 14 years? Between her kids and the foster ones that she has a great relationship with, they can't each pitch in 25 a month towards the mortgage?
I just think theres much more to this story.

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I actually found some better bargains in the two weeks before Thanksgiving than I saw advertised for today. People are crazy, but as long as they are having fun and stores are making money, the tradition will continue.

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Youngstown officials, agencies conduct South Side zoning sweep

Ok, I feel safer on the southside now, knowing all the zoning codes are being followed.
And yes, hiring private security is a good idea, because the police are rarely seen on this side of town.
At the very least it would be nice to have the roads plowed in the winter so we can get to our jobs and earn money to pay city taxes.

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Relative: rumors in Donofrio disappearance untrue

Would like to see more pictures of him in the Vindy. Keep his face fresh in the minds of people in the valley and those from out of town that read it online.

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Decontamination unit ready for use

$76,000 for showers?

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Do-Cut plans to rebuild

My heart goes out to the owner and employees. I really hope they are able to rebuild.

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Clergy: God is on the side of union workers

God should not be brought into a debate like this and I resent "religious" people giving the impression that if you support SB5 you are going against His will.
Politics don't belong in the church.

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New police chief seeks to speed up response time

Maybe if we stop building sidewalks that nobody uses, we can put the money towards the police department?

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