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Battle lines drawn over $500M in gun reforms

Yes, I'm sure stricter background checks will stop criminals and crazy people from getting guns, problem solved!! Now if we can just get better regulations on forks we can end obestiy in this country, too!

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New director wasn't chosen hastily, Mill Creek board chief says

It takes money and employees to preserve the park, thus it is a business.
So if the public feels their voice isn't being heard, what are they going to do about it besides complain? They are your tax dollars, unite, find a solution and take action.

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New director wasn't chosen hastily, Mill Creek board chief says

gdog4766, the public does have input in park matters, thats what the public board meetings are for. And if you are not happy with the board members, its up to you as a taxpayer to initiate the changes needed.
nojimbo, no hocus pocus, perhaps Miller wasn't interested last time they looked for a director as he was focused on reaching the US Open.

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New director wasn't chosen hastily, Mill Creek board chief says

I have always seen promoting from within a company as a good decision, no matter the business. I'd like to see the person running the park be someone not only with a great business sense, but someone who will roll up their sleeves and actually get dirty if thats what it takes and it seems Mr. Miller has proven himself to be that person. Hopefully he and the board can work well together to preserve the history of Mill Creek while moving it into the future.

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Court will consider arguments in Amber Zurcher murder case

What a sad commentary on the justice system. I wonder if it's this way all over the country or just here in Youngstown?

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Mill Creek MetroParks chief retires

I think its about time the park hire someone with an investment in the park to run it! I wish Mr. Miller all the best and encourage the community to support this man so he can both preserve our park and move it into the future!

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Former judge Cronin set free

She served 2 years and paid her fine, how many murderers in Youngstown have done that?

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Gains reigns in tight Mahoning race, fending off Macejko

Not a great victory for Gains, a very small percentage of people disliked his opponent more. When people don't like either of their choices, they tend to just keep the guy who already has the job.

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Charges changed in fatal shooting

By all means, lets make sure this girl gets an apology! All she did was steal electricity and bring someone with her who has a gun and a history of violence to protect her while she did it. Seriously?!

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Gains, Macejko trade charges on dismissals

Gotta agree with southside_res....nobody wants either of these guys. Unfortunately nobody else wants the job.

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