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Guns and drugs yield 4 1/2-year prison term

Another sentence that is way to light for a criminal in possession of this kind of arsenal. Anyone illegally possessing firearms should automatically get the maximum sentence for their crimes. We do not need more gun laws we need judges that put these people in prison for as long as the law allows. He may have an addiction problem, but illegally owning firearms, having no remorse and not acknowledging that he has an addiction should be enough to remove him from society for as long as the law allows.

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Frackfree to tell state to shut down some Valley injection wells

Someone needs to investigate Ray Beiersdorfer and find out how much of his paid YSU time is being used for his Frack Free activities. He can't get the voters to agree with him so now he is trying a different approach. The people have spoken many times and they have said NO Ray.

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Ex-NFL player sentenced to prison for theft from charities

"Rucker’s attorney says Rucker’s gambling addiction was related to football-related brain injuries that caused a loss of impulse control."
Everyone else's fault, surely not greedy Reggie. His attorney should pay the restitution for making such a ridiculous statement without any substantiating proof. Just like a lawyer.

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Gun charge dropped as man pleads guilty to drug charges

The weak link is a judicial system that time and again drops the ball and allows criminals to get away with more crimes. Look at what is happening with Judge Dellick's son. Fix the judicial system not pass more gun restriction laws.

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Clinton says Trump threatens democracy

tannhauser-"the clintons have always stood for honesty and integrity. hillary will be a president we can trust" I hope this is sarcasm as the Clintons can't spell honesty or integrity. " I did not have sex with that woman"(wagging his finger at us) " It doesn't matter that those four lost their lives in Benghazi" WOW you can't be that naive. The only part of her outlined plan that would ever see the light of day is raising taxes.

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City schools CEO names new chief academic officer

How much more expense are they going to add to this failed school system? I get the feeling that Mr. Mohip is in over his head and just hired a fall guy.

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Dellick to be arraigned today on federal gun charge

When will mommy and daddy get fed up with his spoiled brat attitude? They need to show some tough love before this spoiled brat hurts someone. When will the Judicial System put him in jail where he belongs and protect the public from him?

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Strickland spokiesman says candidate backs use of coal

Does this mean that he opposes Hillary? I didn't think so. Of course no media lap dog would ask him that question.

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Attempt to get Youngstown school board to withdraw from suit against state fails

Everyone should make themselves a note to never vote for Kimble, Murphy, Shadd and Williams ever again. These self serving culprits do not care about the students or the tax payers who are being pillaged. By their own admission they have spent $240,000 with no results. Would they want to go forward with the lawsuit if they had to foot the bill? HA HA They have failed miserably and want to continue their failure.

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Kasich says he’s focused on helping down-ballot candidates

sonnype- Kasich is the one acting like a six year old. He lied to all Republicans when he said he would support the nominee, and then acted like a spoiled child when Trump wouldn't come begging him for support or to speak at the convention. Trump is at least honest if not mature. Any office Kasich ever runs for in the future will have his lies as fodder for his opponent.

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