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The truth is, the NAFTA Agreement was signed by Bill Clinton on Sept. 14 1993.

Sen. Clinton has always touted her 35years of experience and this includes her years in the White House. This is Hillary Clinton’s voting record on the NAFTA issue.

1) She voted yes to free trade agreement with Oman, Ref. United States - Oman Free Trade Agreement: Bill S.3569: Vote number 2006-190 on June 29, 2006.

2) She voted yes on establishing Free Trade Agreement between US and Singapore. Ref.: US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act. Bill S.1417/HR 2739: Vote number 2003-318 on Jul. 31 2003.

3) She voted yes on establishing Free Trade between the US and Chile. Ref. US-Chile Free Trade Agreement Implementation. Act. Bill S. 1416/HR 2738. Vote number 2003-319 on July 31 2003.

4) Voted yes on granting normal trade relations status to Vietnam. Ref: Bill HJRES51: Vote number 2001-291 on October 3, 2001.

5)She also voted for open trade with China, despite China's substantial human rights violations and evidence to show that NAFTA has caused the loss of millions of US jobs to non-industrial countries and hasn't delivered on the promise of widespread prosperity.

Sen. Clinton speaks about NAFTA saying that she never supported it from day one. The truth is in her voting record, she not only voted for it but she also didn't actively push for modification to the US free trade agreement until she campaigned in Ohio recently. Don't believe what anyone says, just look it up, use the internet to see her voting record on NAFTA. Hillary, you think Americans cannot search for your voting records, "Sen. Hillary Clinton Shame on you" because people in Ohio aren't stupid. Many people I know are unemployed because of this trade agreement. Please people in Ohio don't believe anyone just look up the facts. As far as I'm concerned Hillary just lost my vote.

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