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Carano has the inside track

To author50 (Sam Moffie)

Are you telling us that Betras illegally controls the actions of our public officials? This sounds like it needs to be investigated by the FBI.

Since you seem to know everything about what's going on you should talk to the FBI yourself, but you're all ready doing that aren't you Sam???

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Carano has the inside track

Yes, Yemma is going to be upset when he's out of a job on Tuesday the 7th.

It's funny how Roxanne has been able to avoid her bankruptcy becoming part of this story. It's public record, search her name here on and you will find it.

And the other guy is a republican! No wonder they don't win any elections, they can't even figure out this is a democratic appointment. Losers......

Carano wins big, a blowout.

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Interim treasurer resigns as councilman-at-large

In two weeks time Yemma will have resigned his council seat, lost his job as deputy treasurer and lost the appointment to Carano.

This is exactly why Dancin Dan should not be appointed or elected to anything, he's just not that bright. Another good question is why isn't Lisa supporting him???

Dan, you are only going to have yourself to blame when this all blows up in your face.

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Mahoning Dems will go high-tech for treasurer vote

This has to be a bad idea if Betras wants it. Only Betras would believe that the software code can't be broken and the votes changed, sorry, I forgot, that's how we do elections in Mahoning County!

Will the big screen show how each person voted? I don't want people knowing how I voted!

Why is Betras being silent about Roxanne DeNiro (Hanni) and her bankruptcy? Has Betras made a deal with Mark Hanni to cover this up? Speak up Mr. Chairman!

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Oles takes name off list for Mahoning treasurer post


You are joking right? You mean the woman who's really a Hanni?

There's more to her story but she should be given the opportunity to drop out before the real bomb is dropped.

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Oles takes name off list for Mahoning treasurer post

Dancin Dan for Treasurer........

Dancin Dan for Recorder........

Dancin Dan for Commissioner.........

Dancin Dan for Auditor.........

Dancin Dan for Dancin Dan.

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The more things change ...

Rumor has it Yemma and the Republican, Lisa Oles have both dropped out of the race.

Republicans won't be able to take this seat from Carano.

Would you like some cheese with that wine? LOL!!!

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The more things change ...

Munroe is a tool owned by Smith.

Anyone can fight with Betras since he can't keep his mouth shut.

Hey if you guys want to keep losing elections that's fine with me.

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The more things change ...


Smith sits on the Board of Elections and is still very involved in what happens, and I'm talking about local elections.

I'm a Dem, don't sit on the sidelines and am happy you guys lose all the time.

Just giving some free advice on what you need to do to even begin to have a chance in local elections.

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The more things change ...

The Republicans have had plenty of opportunities to take office. For example, Mike Sciortino could have been taken out of office last year and the only candidate the Republicans could come up with was Tracy Winbush?

There's only a one party system here because the leaders of the Republicans are happy with the deals they have cut with the Democrats (except Betras, no one can deal with him unless your name is Cafaro).

The Dems are ripe for being taken out, but that won't happen because of the deals that are in place.

So if you are a Republican and want to see change, first get rid of Smith and Munroe, then find some candidates that have money and you will win some races.

If Smith and Munroe stay you don't have a chance of winning anything.

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