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Their answer to violence? Parents, mentors, community

As FAR AS HOODIES I BELIEVE THAT THE INVENTOR OF FACEBOOK WAS JUST IN A NATIONALLY BROADCASTED INTERVIEW WITH WHAT???? A HOODIE!!! You miserable people will find anything and any reason to put down young black males even when they are trying to do something right. and I know 1 thing for everyone who has something negative to say, I GUARANTEE NONE OF U WILL SAY IT TO ANY OF THEIR FACES IN THE STREETS. BET THAT!

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Their answer to violence? Parents, mentors, community

I Believe this is why most of you who are commenting only comment on here and not the real paper. FYI Maurice Hobart has a MASTERS degree in Business and Adrian Mcdowell is also the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of a non profit who has saved more black kids lives then all of you put together in YOUNGSTOWN. Do your home work.

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Facebook remark wasn’t racist, Hagan says

How is Buck wheat not a racist term? The actual fictionalized character represents exaggerated stereotypes that were imposed upon actors in the entertainment industry at the time to be a representation of OUR culture within the media platform, which just so happens to be the biggest brainwasher of our culture and others abroad.

No one wants to take responsibility for their subconscious telling the truth on how they perceive reality.

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