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Campbell land eyed as site for new mill

From what I have heard, This project is something Juanita and Mayor Dill had discussed a few years ago. but it was kept under wraps because of the size of the project and now Krino's is taking credit for it like the paving of struthers liberty.
He's probably also offering them tax abatements to boot so the city wont see any revenue on it for years, but yet he still wants the citizens to pay to keep the street lights on?

June 23, 2010 at 10:44 a.m. suggest removal

Campbell addresses its financial crisis

LOL.....I think the only soap opera being written, is here, in these posts by a few Krinos suppporters!

My statements that you point out above do not contradict each other. Anyone with half a brain knows the city lawyer can not represent both parties in the matter of Krino vs Miles. With that being said, and not what I was referring to, Krino's did not take the advise of the city lawyer and did hire two other lawyers in regard to the starting salary. He also did seek an outside lawyer after the city lawyer told him Mr. Miles could sign the payroll checks which at that time he agreed to let me him sign them so the employees would not disenfranchised, then the next day he said he did not agree. And did not allow it.

In regards to the insurance:
You stated and I quote...
"The city will load a credit card with something like $5,000 per employee." by my rough calculations of approx. 60-65 employees that would add up to $325,000 right from the start. Um yeah where is that kind of money going to come from in a lump payment?

Maybe I have posted some things on here that I failed to do enough research on, I will admit it, I'm human, but for the most part I have not posted without 1st doing my homework. I don't veiw your remarks as being snide at all, just misguided and misinformed.

Now for your closing comment in regards to Mr. Miles:
Your 1st 2 items I have to say, the way things are going it could be a very good possiblity, we may have to go that route.If thats what we have to do to save the city do it!
Number 3 is beyond funny. Juanita is a good friend of his, she would absolutly kill him for trying that one, after her and Dinese, Laura, Flora and others fought so hard to keep it! Oh and funny enough I haven't heard any proposals brought up in council meeting for this, which it would have to be voted on and discussed there.

Nice try on that one....sounds like Chubby Checker is in town as the mayors new theme song writter. You know the "Twist" you sure put a twist on things.

May 29, 2010 at 2:15 p.m. suggest removal

Campbell addresses its financial crisis

Kellyg....I'm so sorry you misunderstood my post it was not directed at you other than the first two paragraphs after that I was answering LOL's post

I dont solely blame Krinos but I do not agree with all this spending and hiring he is doing it is only furthering the financially strapped city and will rapidly lead to its demise

I hope this clears things up. Like you I agree something needs to be done and unfortunetly the time is running out extremely fast!

May 28, 2010 at 4:50 p.m. suggest removal

Campbell addresses its financial crisis

kellyg.....The BFI contract was signed back in Dec. I believe. Due to the lack of language in the contract that would allow for adjustments according to actual trash pickups. It is what it is, a set dollar amount. We are stuck with this contract I believe until 2013.

I agree the 5 year plan, at most is speculative and nothing more. There is no mention of cut backs anywhere. There is of course the spending which this mayor is notorious for, go figure!

LOL....I for one applaud Jeanne for her reporting I have yet to hear one false statement in her articles. She reports what is stated at the meetings.So don't critize her for what others say.

As for the Benefits statement the Mayor did not mention a "deal" that is false. He said he would give up his, bottom line. He did after the fact ask that council do the same. There was no mention I'll give up mine IF you give up yours. (refer to the minutes of meetings they are quite detailed)

As for your figures on Rita your off base maybe you should research that figure its actually around 60K a year we pay for tax collections.(hmmm are you the mayor?, hire hire hire!)

And when did the Mayor add lawyer to his repertoire? I myself would not want someone representing the city in the matter of union contracts that does not have the experience or back ground in the legal aspects of union contracts. Will this end up costing the city more because he didn't fully understand something in legal fees?

And lets talk about hiring an attorney, as you stated the city has one so why did Krino's go outside of the city, not to 1 but 2 attorneys to get opinions on starting salaries? He was given that information by OUR Lawyer? Which in return those two lawyers billed the city! And when all this crap went down with Mr. Miles and Odea why did Krinos get a lawyer from Columbus when our own lawyer told him what he could and couldn't do? And you want to crucify Dill? One thing Dill did for the employees seeing tho the money wasn't there for raises, he gave them the best possible health insurance the city could, something Krinos wants to take away, and put in place one thats cheaper for the city but high in deductables for the employees!

Your right its not rocket science. Your wrong on council, if they rubber stamped everything this guy has proposed guess what we wouldnt make it til June. His spending while we are in fiscal emergency shows his lack of understanding finances.

What I truly can not figure out is why there is no mention of collecting on back property taxes. But yet he wants to place a levy on the ballot. I for one will be voting NO I pay my property taxes go after the ones that dont, its always the same ones over and over! Why penalize us?????

May 28, 2010 at 11:25 a.m. suggest removal

Official: Campbell may have to shut down

Question? Seeing tho the Mayor said he is not going to fight anymore with council and Miles, does anyone know if he dropped the court thing like he said he would or is it still on the calander for tuesday?

May 22, 2010 at 9:43 a.m. suggest removal

Official: Campbell may have to shut down

And I would also like to add to this whole Estech thing some food for thought.

If this is such a lucrative business, why are we getting garbage from New York and New Jersey, why don't those 2 states build that facility there if its such a money maker? Why did our surrounding Mayors say NO to this proposal? Why isn't the Mayor talking about it to the people if it's so wonderful? Why isn't there an open public forum with Estech reps here to take questions from us?

Sounds shady shady shady to me!

May 21, 2010 at 10:41 a.m. suggest removal

Official: Campbell may have to shut down

I am still concerned that him and schivoni are working behind closed doors to bring ESTECH USA LLC here when there are no studies done on the impact. Its garbage from other states!
I can not find anything on them in the US. But here are some things I did find by going to Friends Of Earth about autoclaving which is what the Mayor wants to put here:

This fibre may be contaminated by hazardous municipal waste, for example electronic and electrical waste or batteries, as there is no front end recycling to remove this from the waste stream prior to autoclaving. High levels of some metals have been found in the fibre, which could restrict its potential uses.

This uncertainty makes autoclaving a risky choice for local authorities. If there is a problem with the fibre market, for example the recipient of the fuel no longer accepts it, then it is likely that this material would have to be landfilled and subject to potential fines under the Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme

Refuse derived fuel
Another market being proposed for the fibre is to convert it into refuse-derived fuel (RDF) to be incinerated and produce energy. This may take place at another site or as part of the same facility, as is planned for an autoclave and gasification pyrolysis facility being built in Bridgend, Wales by companies 3NRG and Prestigeiv. Friends of the Earth does not support processes which produce and burn RDF, as this releases harmful emissions, including fossil-fuel derived carbon dioxide, which contributes to climate change. It is also a waste of resources, especially as it may mean that certain high-calorific elements of the waste stream, with combustible properties (e.g. paper, plastic), are left in the fibre rather than being separated for recycling.

For more on this I urge people to go to:

May 21, 2010 at 10:32 a.m. suggest removal

Official: Campbell may have to shut down

cmhs wow calm down!

1st off we had a carry over of 600,000 it was in both propsed budgets look it up I'm sure Dina has a copy you may look at.

2nd, Mr Marshall stated along with the states auditor stated all Dept. are over budget already for this year.

3rd. Mayor Dill did as was asked by laying off fire fighters Krino's hired one back after being told the money wasn't there.

LOL I'm not saying he is 100% to blame but I can tell you he has proposed as I have stated before alot of spending, hired a secretary under false pretense after he did state HE would give up his benefits. He's not running a very tight ship that way, as a financial firm head hancho he should be tight with the money. I'm sorry thats just the way I feel

Unlike some, I do in fact research anything I post before I open my mouth. All the info is there at the meeting all you have to do is open you eyes, shut your mouth, and listen its amazing what you can learn

May 17, 2010 at 6:57 p.m. suggest removal

Official: Campbell may have to shut down

devyn....some are disgusting I agree but with that said, bottom line is the city is broke! They need to cut spending and this mayor just keeps introducing more and more spending.

As for the current finance director what is he doing that everyone feels is wrong besides saying no? Council what are they doing wrong besides saying no?

You work with what you have at hand not what you wish you had!

You didn't hear the gavel come slamming down and almost hear the key turn in the lock to close the city down before this mayor stepped in. What does that tell you?

For this mayor being a finance guru, I have to question his abilities to have anything to do with money. From what I hear and maybe I'm wrong he doesn't even own a home in campbell, he rents, so he doesn't even invest in his own community!

And I still am not happy about him wanting to bring in Estech I don't want garbage from other cities being dumped here. It is not a PROVEN safe way to dispose of garbage there are no other cities in the USA that have a site, there are no impact studies done on it, and neighboring cities said NO to them. Where is the complete transparency he promised us? Why hasn't he brought this company to the citizens attention? Where is all the information on it? Why can't the citizens have a vote on it like we did the water plant?

May 15, 2010 at 8:32 a.m. suggest removal

Official: Campbell may have to shut down

your welcome theword! That figure is derived from salaries, overtime, fringe benefits and other. what the other is I have no idea.

May 6, 2010 at 11:18 a.m. suggest removal


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