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4 bedroom, 4 bath

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Candidate divisions heat up race for Campbell council chief

hiding behind my screen? Seems you are doing exactly the same. Needing a neck brace? Is that the newest tactic of the Levendis camp, stooping to threats? I would expect no less, from Levendis the book maker supporters,you know the same crew that supported Krino's, meetings of choas, antagonistic people, display rude and ignorant behavior. Now we're going to add threats of bustin necks? Whats next capping a knee?

November 2, 2011 at 1:01 a.m. suggest removal

Candidate divisions heat up race for Campbell council chief

It really seems Jean failed to fully do her job! Why did she not mention that Mrs. Rich tried to pass legislation to prevent layoff's with the upcoming budget cuts? Why didn't she report on any legislation that Mrs. Rich helped pass to have our fire department better manned FOR YOUR PROTECTION and to help lower our homeowners insurance? Why didn't she report that George's concerns over the finance department is only with the reconsiliation of the books but fails to say that Mr. Miles took this City from the RED to the BLACK in the short time he's been there? Does he even know that the problem month he is having is WHEN HE WAS SUPPENDED when other's were in his office and who knows what they did??????
Why are so many of you so ready to put the cart ahead of the horse with this fracking waste water? Do you not wonder why Pa. doesn't want it????? Is the money really worth the dangers that they have yet really determined??????
Why did she not state that since Mrs. Rich has been put in as COUNCIL PRESIDENT that there has been more things COMPLETED BY COUNCIL THAT WAS REQUIRED to get OUT of Fiscal emergency? Oh and gee it wasn't Levendis's idea for D and L it was VanSuch and Dill oh........never mind I can CLEARLY see that connection between those 3.
Why didn't she ask or dig into Levendis's past as a good reporter should do? What skeletons does he have in the court system? Just read his year book ambition in life statement that will point you in the right direction. Huh lets see a law breaker becoming a law maker....yep I guess his one quote would be dead on....."In the real world" It does seem to be a trend among republicans. Why didn't she refute his being with the same company 25 years.....they have only been in business since 2004, or did they change names, if so why? Or that he was not cetified by ODOT until Dec. of 07 for bridge painting?
Why didn't she report either that Our current Mayor is just like Krino's? He does it because he's the mayor that's why we are only getting 30% of the money from the scrap in the Brownfields! And that is after the Mayor himself sent the whole idea to committee and it never came out! I'd like to be that contractor!

November 1, 2011 at 5:24 p.m. suggest removal

Stewing over Campbell’s books

I've been sitting here thinking about all these post, some are at best laughable others spot on. Whether we like it or not this has been status quo for the city for years, the books not reconciled that is. It would appear to me that its a task that is not an easy one to accomplish if you take into consideration the state came in and did some of the previous years (prior to Miles) and had a difficult time getting them to balance, if they got them to balance at all which I think they didn't. But I can't swear to that.
Now we all know not a single person or two people are responsible for this city, it falls on everyone who sits at city hall. I don't understand why no one has done what is right for this city and made sure that ALL the employees in the finance department get involved! If the Mayor is so "concerned" that the books get done then why doesn't HE direct those employees to get on the ball and get the dang thing done???? For pete sakes this is beyond rediculous!
Bottom line the books need done to get out of this mess! ELECTED OFFICIALS need to work TOGETHER and make sure it GETS done!!!!!!!!!! There are 3 people in that office have them work TOGETHER, quit the political satire and placing the blame on 1 person! And while your at it get everything else on that list that needs to be done, done! If we don't get out of fiscal emergency it is not just because the books aren't done it's because of the other things that the mayor and city administrator haven't done as well. There is more on the check off list than this!
And one last note, there is "rumor" the 2nd ward councilman has legislation to hire an assistant finance director. Are you serious? Krinos tried it and you all said NO! Just get the people I mentioned above to help, why put another employee on the books and pay someone to help do the job that they are there for? I'm sure the other employees of this city would like a little pay raise (that the city says it can't afford) vs hiring another employee for this!

October 2, 2011 at 1:24 p.m. suggest removal

Politics not involved in firing

Mr. DeWitt I really have to ask you, are you defending Mr. VanSuch because he gave your grandson Joey a job at the park this summer? I would have to question your reason for sending this letter and rebutt back that yes, it was political just as your letter defending Mr. VanSuch is politically motivated.

September 8, 2011 at 8:24 a.m. suggest removal

Firing a Campbell water worker wasn’t in city’s best interest

porkchop..after reading your last post it would seem that you did not read this part of the letter.
The law director for the city was asked to give his legal opinion on Civil Service exams, he stated there was no mandatory requirement under Ohio law that a list must be maintained if the municipality is not hiring or has, for example, imposed a hiring freeze. He also cited Ohio Revised Code section 124.30 which states in the event that there are urgent reasons for filling a vacancy in any position in the classified service and the director is unable to certify to that appointing authority a list of eligible persons for the appointment, the appointing authority may fill the position by non-competitive examination.
You really believe this Mayor is not doing this for political reasons???? Pick up the Hometown Journal and read this letter in it's entirety I found it very informative and really question VanSuch's motives now concerning Donald Jackson.
After you read the letter and take your VanSuch blinders off, you tell me, should the civil service exam results only apply to Mr. Jackson or to all who took the test? You can't have your cake and eat it to. It's either abide by it or not. And as far as your remark to soupcity actually anyone who cares about this city should know the city charter no matter if your a politician or a resident thats what you call being a responsible and well informed citizen and one way to keep politicians such as VanSuch in check.

September 1, 2011 at 2:25 p.m. suggest removal

Firing a Campbell water worker wasn’t in city’s best interest

wow I just picked up the Hometown Journal, this same person put the letter in that too. The vindy left alot out out!

September 1, 2011 at 12:20 p.m. suggest removal

Levendis will face Rich in Campbell

Ok this is just my opinion. 1st off do I think its great he's running for a office, sure, but I think he should have run for councilman 1st and learn how the system works, all the in's and out's then run for Council President, if he so choses. Why go for the head position 1st, other than he was coached by the Mayor and the 2nd ward councilman to do so in their little meetings at city hall.
"He has attended meetings over the last few years" Thats great too but so have other citizens that doesn't mean a thing other than you attended them. I'm sure he attended OSHA meetings too so he knew what was proper safety for employees, wasn't APBN recently fined by OSHA for unsafe working practices?
I remember a meeting when a fee for street lighting was talked about being imposed on the citizens of Campbell, he thought that was a great idea and he doesn't think there is anything wrong with imposing yet another fee on us...eventually the discussion was dropped, but more recently Mr. Levendis brought the idea up again..... spoken like the true republican that he is, impose a fee on the little people and give tax breaks to businesses.
I dont think he has attended many if any, of the State meetings for fiscal emergency, so does he even have a clue where things stand with the finances of the city or what is required of us to get out? Personally, myself, I would think that if you are going to run for an office because you want to better your community, you would be finding out everything that the city has to deal with before you throw you hat into the ring.
Now to turn to Juanita Rich, like George I too attend the meetings for the city and what I have seen is this, Juanita stands up for what is in the best interest for the city for the people but yet she meets resistance from at minimum 2 councilmen and the Mayor.You may not like the way she says some things or the tone in her voice but, at least with her she doesn't candy coat anything and she says it like it is. You know where she stands on everything she says. She wont embellish her ideas with silk scarves and adornments like some of the councilmen do. And she will not lie to you either.She stood up for the City when Dill tried to sell the water plant. She recently brought in legislation to protect the employees from any layoffs next year, when the city gets its budget cuts from the state, with a plan that would offset the money we will be losing. If your wondering how that played out,We shall see at the September 7th meeting if it's brought back in. It met strong opposition from a couple of the council members and the mayor, saying they would only support it if the money was payed back, which will not help at all it would only defeat the purpose.

August 4, 2011 at 2:38 p.m. suggest removal

Campbell mayor pleads innocent to drunken driving

I am so tired of your Krinos spins on things, my god do you even go to the meetings or does he tell you about them at the bar afterwards? There was never and I shall repeat this slowly so you understand N-E-V-E-R a "deal" between the Georgy and council when it came to the bennies. I strongly suggest you go to Dena's office and read the minutes from those meetings!
"the money shuffling" is not something that Mr. Miles nor Council agrees with at all, that is your mayors idea, after HE spoke to the State Auditor, he just FAILS to tell everyone that the Auditor DOES NOT suggest doing this. Its called robbing Peter to pay Paul! Once that money is moved its GONE there is nothing left.
Your spin on the cop that wasn't replaced. Well then can you please tell me 2 things? 1st how can you pay a fireman from the separate account thats for the police? Or is he a policeman too? 2nd they didn't replace him? Huh then why was the 2nd wards son hired to work as a policeman? Or is he working for free?
Your comment "trade a cop for a fireman" if thats the case then maybe we should see if Lew will take Dineses place and she can go out on unemployement...at least Lew answers the phone in a polite manner and he answers it more than she does!
You stated to MichealG "You mentioned about the mayor giving raises The mayor had nothing to do with that." That is a bold face out right Lie! The mayor negotiated the contracts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Council asked him June or July how that was going he stated "We only had a couple of meetings so nothing really has happened with that" So your wrong he had everything to do with the way things went with that! True Krinos spin again!

August 30, 2010 at 12:36 p.m. suggest removal

Campbell mayor pleads innocent to drunken driving

ok ok ok I just can't sit here and keep my mouth shut anymore!
How can some of your people on here who support this idiot non stop no matter what he does keeping the band wagon for him going? Makes me wonder if it's your salaries he got you, or was it the campaign promise he made to you? Give me a break!

@LOL I'm sorry to burst your bubble but...sweetheart I dont drink, so therefore getting caught for a DUI isn't in my future.
"Dill maintained" Absolutely he did! he actually had money building in some accounts its called responsiblity to the citizens. You know its a thing that us average and lower income folks do..we save!
Comparing him to Obama! What a joke our President is for the average to low income people he tries to save them money where he can, but not this (and I use this term losely) Mayor he just thinks he has the Federal Reserve to back him! This guy wants to put a levy on the ballot, charge us for the street lights & place a assessment on the landlords. Yep he doesn't want us to pay does he!
He shows up at Council meetings either late (as to make a grand entrance) or he doesn't show at all, same with the State meetings. Yeah thats a real leader now isn't it?
He has gave this city more bad P.R. than Lindsey Lohan or Mel Gibson combined, but you Krino's supporters... stand behind your man, what a shame!

@kdarkad Please, please please tell me where or for that matter what he has done for this city, give me factual items not maybe's or probably.. something concrete!
" IF YOU DONT LIKE IT MOVE!" How about this keep billybob here he probably actually pays his way in this city you know income tax, water bill, real estate taxes. How about have Krinos move his sorry butt out of office? He's a disgrace
"THE PEOPLE VOTED GEORGE KRINOS IN FOR ONE REASON AND ONE REASON ONLY! THE PEOPLE WANTED AND NEEDED A CHANGE!" Not all of us were dumb enough to fall for his campaign promises, knowing the money wasn't there for his ideas! Oh and the people also voted to go to a Volunteer fire dept. so you going to demand this mayor abide by the citizens vote? Or are you just going to pick and chose?

August 30, 2010 at 12:19 p.m. suggest removal

Campbell mayor pleads innocent to drunken driving

The history of "King" George;

10/06/2009 paying an employee with a check on a closed account (nice)
2006 charges: driving drunk, speeding and lane straddling, charges reduced (guess thats why he claims this is his 1st)

Doesn't drink and Drive?
Seen coming out of Devils Den at 4:30 am & 7:30 am.
Seen drinking at the Diamond and Boogy's.
Seen driving up with beer in hand and drunker than a skunk to make a drug deal at 5 am after the cops cleared from a drive by shooting. Ask any of the several tenants there if you dont believe me.

Stiffing AngeNetta's for his wedding, Stiffing a radio Station for advertising

Suppose to make special appearances on behalf of the city: CMHS graduation..no show, St Joe's Festival....no show, the derby at St. Joe's for the handicapped...no show

Getting so drunk that he puts his wedding ring back on oops he forgot what hand it went on
Now this! Wow now add another attorney to his defence team. I'd say he more lawyers than OJ Simpson had for his trial!

Oh but wait all of this CANT possibly be his fault as all of his court jesters would say "it's all Councils fault"

Well another black eye for our city! Thank you King George. I hope everyone calls city hall Monday demanding you step down before you do anymore damage to our city. If you think this is being an Upstanding City Official your wrong!

And hmmmmm did anyone notice that LOL hasn't posted and Dinese is on vacation, strange coincidence?

August 28, 2010 at 1:43 p.m. suggest removal



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