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Three years later, no arrests in killings of 4

La Shonda,please try to hire your own private investigator.I know it takes money,hold a benefit to raise money.I wish I could find a answer to a homicide of my beloved friend ten years ago.I will never give up,someone knows something.It may take my whole life to search but I will never give up.

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Three years later, no arrests in killings of 4

Hi,this has nothing to do with race.I've read these comments and have to disagree.It doesn't matter if it's a white man or black.The whole thing comes down to the police investigation.Don't question the black or white,question the investigation!!!

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Keeping faith amid fear

Are all you people who comment on here from Youngstown,Ohio?Don't just post a comment,DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!! Stop the crime.I had a loved one gunned down 10 years ago in Youngstown.They never found the shooters,nor did they want to.The public needs to get involved and clean up your community.

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Three years later, no arrests in killings of 4

LaShanda Boone,I hope this comment reaches you.First of all,I'm so very sorry for your loss.I live in PA and 10 years ago my friend was killed in younngstown.No arrest ever made.He was gunned down like a animal!!! I have read all articles and nothing makes sense to me.It has been ten years and I will never give up.I am afraid,I think there are many corrupt things over there.I wish to speak to you,maybe we can help each other.God Bless

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