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St. Dom's pastor explains plans to fight back

to all who say they choose their lifestyle. this was so true back in the 60's. one day in class a teacher ask a 2 time all city football player of all the college offers you have what, has your choice been made. to which he said, college i aint going to no more school i'm going on relief.thats what they called welfare back then. sure enough i saw him while driving down hillman at the corner warren drinking beer with some other people i went to school with.always wonder how good he would have been. they did good back in the 30's with the welfare but some people were addictive and knew the more kids i have the more wealth comes my way.its not just black issue there plenty of whites taking the same path. and now the liberals are adding the south of the boder to get their votes. i see this more and more on a daily visit to a store using there welfare cards and i live in upper florida.the mexicans are taking the drug trade here.i hope my neighbourhood wont get like my old one. i grew up on the corner of boston and hillman.

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Drug deal: Crack cocaine for your finger

hey stan did he forget his mastercard.

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Man accused in St. Dom’s killing faces charges in separate assault

mother in court out on 100k bond how do these people get there bond money

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anyone remember my cousin vinney

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