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‘He was a good boy’

Fred said two family's affected. I hope he's not talking about the shooter. His gang family does not care. My hope is that his mother will never see him again. Kensgirl you are so right. I know one of the cops who was there. He told me how bad it looked. Was he affected very much so. Did he go party after No. Did he hug his kids you bet. Youngstown what happen to the town that I take pride in saying I grew up there. To the LITTLE BOYS family it will always be hard. Please stay strong,

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Outbursts disrupt sentencing of woman for Youngstown cop assault

fd6636 what i mean to say. if the cops pull over the attorney who sues the cops will love to make his or her miserable for anything they can. after i saw what i wrote i understand were your coming from.also ghetto does not mean black.

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i'm sorry i forgot she can pay= with her food stamps

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Outbursts disrupt sentencing of woman for Youngstown cop assault

hey doowop ya gotta know there are alot of idiot's who need to try to make money off any of the ghetto trash. if it goes court the cops will know this person. and when he gets pulled over for anything there going to love making hard on them. when they lose the case they will try to get money from ms. ghetto for all the paperwork they file. good luck with that. unless the taxpayers will have to foot the bill.

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These offenders save tax dollars

this is good. they should take people on welfare that are able to do some work send them to the southside and help clean up. give back to youngstown, while your getting all the free stuff that the goverment gives. 5 to 10 hours a week would make a differnence. wishfull thinking huh.

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Williams sentenced to 31-years-to-life in slaying, shooting

31yrs to life not enough. the judge should have put on there that any money that he makes when in prison or any money that gets on his account goes to the who killed family. that way he has no extras. he can't buy nike's,headphones,have a tv, or anything. i know it's not much for the family but it sure the heck going to make his life so much better for his new homies. in order for him to have anything they make him their own lapping dog

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About 300 attend Occupy Youngstown rally downtown

common, you talked about kevin. is that nancy's son. pass the bill and then we will know whats in it. think he's running for congress same thinking in good ol nancy's demo's give them what they want everthing free and they will come and vote us back in. and we will be just as nice as Greece broke

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Ohio man to be executed in ’84 shooting deaths

an eye ror an eye is'nt that what they say. so why in ohio it takes 27 years. the lawyers are they using the system to clog up the courts to make more money. i can not see them doing this for free. where is my thinking wrong

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Tiger Woods withdraws from Players Championship after 9 holes

bad ratings for nbc less money for barrack's campaign maybe help will come from overseas

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South Side grocery plan sparks optimism

briant- thanks i was thinking of what stores we had back then. i only remembered krogers and the A&P. forgot about lazers across from to me the best church in town ST. DOMS. if remember it was two brothers who owned it. 2 guys i grew up were stockboys. this was from 65 to 68. back then i knew the area well great place to live. i lived on the corner of southern blvd/ philadelphia across from colla's barbershop. the only bad things we did was hop the train to midlothian/southern to lazy to walk to get the best pizza in town joe's pizza 10 cents a slice. about lazars when did they close. those people were likeable,freindly, and anything to help. not like today. like alot of people i got off the topic of this blog. so how did this topic go from a new grocery to all of the race talk. but here in florida things are not as bad y-town but were getting there. stay strong youngstown there are alot good people who are among ya'll

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