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Driver registration law threatens voting rights

I think plates cost were based on the cars weight. Insurance is based on the value of the car. Or has this changed.

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Youngstown police investigating weekend shootings

The man who was shot and a crowd of 20 people don't know anything. My question is 20 people hanging around at 4:30 on a Monday morning nobody has a job. Is there some kind of a holiday in Youngstown that we don't know about. Do the bars still close 2:30. Takes people now days 2 hours to sober up.

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Belinky search warrant returned

That picture of the Judge him? Or is that Richard Simmons. They look like brothers.

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Gang's leader was murdered in 2011

Star running back at Ursuline. What is he doing on the streets. Don't know his history. When I was in my senior year I had a very good teacher who was black her name was Edna Pettegrew. One day she told a story about a kid who was all city tackle, she ask him of all the offers he had did he make a choice yet. This was a smart kid. He said no way i'm going on welfare. I remember seeing him in summer of 68 on the corner of Warrenand Hillman drinking a beer with people who had gone to South.Even back then that's all they knew something for nothing. He could have gone and turned pro. Sad how people are raised.

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Scam targeting residents of NE Ohio

bgreene gdog I'm in Florida I get the same calls ya'll get. I'm on the no call list, seems it dose not matter. I wonder if they get our numbers from the no call list.

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Why did trayvon stand his ground he could have walked away. he chose to stay there and show he was not going to backdown, [ his words] from a creepy cracker.

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BREAKING NEWS: Youngstown police investigating East Side homicide

How they live and die why should we care. How they live they take hand outs that you the taxpayer pay for. And when they die who pays to bury them. I'm talking about those people who live off the govt. And not talking about the color of their skin.

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Hubbard burglary caught on camera

Joe seems like a man with common sense. Hulkster I wish I had something better, but you have no sense at all. Even a cockroach has more sense than you.

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Ohio: Execution table can support obese inmate

Will someone tell me why it takes 29 yrs. in ohio to put a dog to sleep. when in Texas it does not take long at all.

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Obama, Romney spar on taxes, jobs, education, health care

The best post goes to Greene. Mikey likes it hey mikey. the pres and the vp are sitting at the at the table like little kids asking how we can fool the people with what we think willl help keep them in chains. the pres may be smart but on common since he is mikey.

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