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Watsons give $1M to YSU for student success center

Republican Rick,
If you knew the Watson's as I have been privileged to for as many years as I have,, you would not need to ask that question. They have been supported not only YSU, but the Arts and other organizations throughout their lives.
Some people are generous to others and some are not.

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McClellan appointed operations manager at Youngstown Playhouse

I wish him the best of luck. I hope he has someone with him who can get some great fund raisers going, or a community support campaign.

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Appugliese will leave Playhouse director post

I am so happy that Bernie will be leaving. I wish him luck in his new endeavors.

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Paws Town to open in August

RMy question is simple. Through the grapevine I have heard I that the "resident" classification is for Boardman residents only. If that is true, it will be an empty space because of rain, mud and snow at an unreasonable cost.
As to liability, it is simple to make every participant sign a liability waiver "play at your own risk"
That alone could cut the ridiculous idea of having a user fee at least in half. I personally believe that like the rest of the country, there should be no fee. As long as I have waited for this, I now understand that Austintown has a very nice park for free!!

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Consultants to analyze operations at Covelli

makes a lot of sense to throw away $50,000 to get options!!!! Doesn't the city realize that the first few years had poor management and therefore the debt is higher than they wanted, but now it is making money and is good for Youngstown???????? Did they expect the investment in the Covelli center to be gone in 10 years!!!!!

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Young leaders brainstorm downtown Youngstown

4.2 million to talk.....we need the money to entice companies to invest in Youngstown, not talk about what we need. Yes, we need a comprehensive plan for the city, but not 4.2 m worth of talking, we need action that will work!

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Jams booms with growth in space, services

Congratulations Mike!!! You have shown the people of Youngstown that with hard work and integrity, a one CAN succeed in Youngstown. Keep working and growing. We have always been proud to know you.....
Lynn and Snowy

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Woman gets probation, chance to have charges dismissed in $46K Trinity church theft

There is something wrong with our justice system when anyone can steal $46,000 and get a slap on the wrist and say you have been a naughty girl and you must promise never to do it again!!!
There is no good reason to steal, and all that money for medication over 2 years??? No way....take her to civil court and make her pay back the $46000 over 10 years. Don't encourage
others to steal without penalty

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Youngstown leads nation with poverty rate of 49.7%

Judge R. Scott Krichbaum of Mahoning County Common Pleas Court noted that "drug and property crimes are most closely linked to poverty.

“Because our poverty is more dramatic in this community than most, our crime rate is higher,” he said.

“People in poverty oftentimes find themselves longing, not only for the finer things in life, but the basic necessities of life and are often frustrated because of their poverty,” the judge added.

Judge Krichbaum states above that drugs and property crimes are linked to poverty, then continues that the poor long for the finer things in life. Okay, I can agree with property crimes, but since when do drug crimes provide one of the finer things in life?

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Achkar Jewelers to close after 65 years serving Mahoning Valley

Mr. Achkar has been the only one I trusted with my antique jewelry. He took an old gold watch, which hadn't worked in 30 years, and fixed it by hand and it has worked ever since.
Have lots of fun in your retirement. You will be missed

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