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Israeli plans for Iran go back years

Just keep the USA and her children out of it. We need not sent out young to die for some one else !

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Papers: Fed boat bought with fines used for fun

Its crap like this that makes me refuse to pay federal taxes

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Pa. expects $50M from new Internet sales reporting


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Mo. teen gets life with possible parole in killing

Your BS'n me , right ??? Parole,,,,,,

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Reports say "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan refusing to help mom save her Youngstown home

I dont know the whole story but its his mother fer Gods sake ! ya only have one mom . No matter what unless she beat the hell out of him and even then .... The children shall turn on the parents and the parents shall turn on the children, money and greed shall grip the world there shall be earthquakes in the final days.....

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Gingrich wins South Carolina primary

either it is fraud, or the people of South Carolina are the dumbest people on earth ! Gingrich ????? Lord help us !

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Santorum: Trim Social Security now even if painful

Thats right, Take from americans and give it all to foreign countries in aid. Gun sales are at an all time high ,There's going to be an all out war in this country. Mark my words its going to happen

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UPDATE: State bans injection wells within 5 miles of Youngstown site

And in the last days there shall be pestilence, earthquakes and other assorted crap
Happy New Year 2012 - The end of the Myan calender

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Gingrich weeps talking about his mother

He's still a shumck

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DFT/Newt Gingrich cries while recalling late mother

He's still scum

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