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South Side rally urges black residents to register, vote for Obama

Since Ron Paul;s votes were stolen from the people , Ya might as well vote for the Kenyn as Amerikka is doomed anyway . I wouldnt vote for mittens anyway. I think I will sit this one out after all

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Ohio Supreme Court sets new execution date for reprieved inmate

I have always been for the death penalty. After recently having a few bouts with bad luck & health problems I wonder if staying on this planet (behind bars) may be a better punishment than death. Although I would suggest these killers only get enough food to keep them alive and nothing else except maybe a bible to read

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Youngstown police investigating two robberies at same gas station

I would a Kilt em dead, sho nuff

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Police: Boy, 15, kept in van for sexual trysts

Why couldnt that have happened to me when I was that age ?

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Ring taken from Komara, then recovered with 2 suspects

HAHAHAHA What a couple of morons !

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Trumbull prosecutor to Obama: Be concerned

Do you really beleive the powers that be care ? Dennis Watkins like most Americans are living a pipe dream... Keep beleiving...

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Mahoning prosecutor recommends 6-year prison term for man charged in 3 murders

I am so glad I dont live in Y-town any longer...What a joke that town is

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Garbage truck strikes, kills homeless woman in Niles

Its a crying shame a woman of 66 Yrs of age is or anyone really is homeless in ths country ! The land of opportunity my A**

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Unhappy public unsure who to blame for high gas prices

Lets see if this stays posted....Who is to blame ? Guess.,.Speculators, partly . No its your government. Notice how products are shrinking and prices getting higher ? Sure you do its because of the Fed printing money plain and simple. If you took a silver dime minted before 1965 it is now worth 3 dollars cash..Keep the same type of people in power positions ,you will get the same problems. Its our fault.

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Suspect in Ohio Amish attacks must pay for defense

Having dealt with Amish for years they are just like us some good some bad.
Let em pay for their own lawyer if they can afford it !

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