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Memo to Sarah Gartland:

Dear Madam;

In my opinion, you are suffering from "Delusions of Grandeur!"
1. Utility poles are NOT 'government property'.
2. Street 'Right-of-Ways' ARE public areas.
3. You need a 'Court Order' to 'Trespass' on Private Property and remove/steal.
4. You are exposing yourself and the township to ridicule and law suits!
5. CHILL --- you're a public SERVANT; not the GESTAPO.


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Attorney: Statute of limitations has tolled in YSU payroll scandal

Let me get this straight. White collar crimes; if your not caught with in a certain period of time --- you get away-with-it??? Beam-me-Up! (Sorry Jimbo)

Also, is this Maldonado related to the Jimmy Dimora Case????

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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

Who is the 'staff reporter' for the Vindy that wrote this article? Obviously, he wasn't there. This is a good example of why the Vindy is nothing more than a 'Fish-Wrap'!
I can't wait to see who they indorse for the 17th Congressional District.

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Traficant has ‘odd’ re-entry to politics

Hey Y-town; Greetings from the North Shore of Ohio. As a child of the former 'Evil Empire', allow me to give you a few words of wisdom. 1. When it comes to government; "Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see!" 2. When it comes to the Traficant Trial; "Educate yourself !!!!!!!" Google the following: The testimony of Richard Detore on C-span Archives. The affidavit of Nnamdi Okolo. The affidavit of dismissed juror Scott Grodi.
3. When it comes to; The Vindicator, Tim Ryan, William Binning, David Betras, Dave Johnson, Nancy Pelosi & her daughter (TR's girl-friend?) all of you are the PROBLEM and NOT the solution in the 17th District. You are all 'goose-stepping' lemurs of the establishment.
4. I hereby challenge, the Vindicator, to sponsor a round-table discussion of the Traficant Trial. Me and Elliot Ness vs. some or ALL of the detractors mentioned above, in 3. Think of it as a public service. David S. you know how to get a hold of me. You're response will answere the question of a "FREE PRESS" in the Valley. What say you?

LOL - PEACE ----- I'm out for now!

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A daughter's plaintive cry

Memo to JJ's attorney:

File for a 'change of venue' for sentencing. Ask to move sentencing to C-town in Judge Lesley Brooks Wells' Court. She knows JJ and 'Carpi'.

Sidebar: Is Judge Wells your wife???

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A daughter's plaintive cry

Suggestion to Ohio Senator Capri Cafaro:

File your 'Press Release' with the courts. It can't hurt. I'm sure the judge will get a big laugh out of it.

ps. If this re-election thing doesn't work out for have a great future in comedy. I'm sure your Daddy will be able to buy the copy rights to a TV comedy show 'about nothing'.

Good Luck!!!!

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J.J. Cafaro gets reality check

Ultimately, isn't Ms. Cafaro responsible for signing a false financial statement? Oh, I forgot; Different rules apply to the high and mighty.
I look forward to the June 8th sentencing. Is T. Ryan sending a 'letter of support' on behalf of JJ?

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Judge jails J.J. Cafaro

Up here in C-town, the FEDS have an ongoing, 18-month long investigation, of county corruption. The prime 'targets' are Public Official 1 (PO1) and Public Official 2 (PO2). At last count over 20 different contractors, businessmen, public employees, etc. have pleaded 'guilty' and are in the process of 'plea bargaining' with the Feds.
I believe JJ has 'pictures' of a few PO's (the real targets) in the Valley. The Feds want those 'pictures'. Look for JJ to 'manufacture' evidence and testimony againts those PO's. He's done it before! See 'EliotNess' comments above.

I'm out for now; Peace!

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