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ELECTION UPDATE | AP calls it: Issue 2 has been defeated

What will Bertram do now? Who will he hate? The voters of the state rejected this crap law, and now he may have to face the fact that most rational people do not hate professors, cops, and others who make a living helping others.

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SB 5: It’s all about the money

Typical BS from the Vindy. Exactly what is the educational level of the average household making $24,000 that the vindy cites? The professors at YSU have a Ph.D. That takes an average of 10 years of advanced education. To compare the salary of a Ph.D. to a high school dropout, and then say that professors make too much goes a long way in showing what is wrong with the Vindy and with Youngstown.

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YSU faculty calls off planned strike


YSU will not hire replacements. Hate to break it to you skippy, but professors have degrees. They have an education and are experts in their fields. Why don't you go back to your soap box and let the adults talk now.

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YSU faculty votes to strike

We support the faculty and hope that now the admin. will make them a fair offer.

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YSU faculty calls off planned strike

What a load of BS. That was not an offer, it was an insult. The faulty has the support of many.

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YSU faculty vote results expected by 8 p.m.

They had no choice but to strike!

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YSU faculty vote results expected by 8 p.m.

Looks like a strike, which is exactly what the admin. wanted to happen. The admin. has not acted in good faith all summer, and the faculty needs to strike!!

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YSU faculty union laments pay cuts in proposal

Last time I checked, the union members were taxpayers. This "offer" from the admin. should be flatly rejected.

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Union says it has YSU’s final, best offer

I for one hope the faculty votes to strike. The offer from the admin is a joke. Junior faculty cannot afford a $5,000 pay cut, and this “offer” should be flatly rejected. The faculty cannot be replaced, and the admin would never even attempt to do so.

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At YSU, it’s all about parking

At first, I thought Bertram just hated YSU and particularly the faculty, now I just question his sanity. Two weeks ago he said the union would reject the fact finders report, and Now he thinks it’s all about parking. It is time for the Vindy and the public to launch an investigation into Bertram’s salary. I mean really, some students buy the Vindicator, but he does not care. He does not care how hard students work. Has his salary gone up in the last 3 years? Will it go up in the next 3 years?

Bertram has to understand that we live in tough times, and that students should be able to come to whatever rock he lives under and get the Vindy for free. I am sure that there is NO other paper any where around here that is begging for his services, so as a result, he should be happy just to have a job. He should give back at least 15% of his salary for those who struggle to buy the paper. Please Vindy, look into this issue.

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