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FirstEnergy invests in Ohio Edison upgrades

Good job seeing through First Energy's business model, CompManRetired, it is typical behavior.They are even good at making it look like they are doing the public a favor.

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Judge Dellick's comments don’t violate code, retired professor says

No matter how you spin it:Judges are prohibited from making public statements regarding open cases.The retired law professor needs to go back to law school.there are no exceptions as he poorly attempted to set forth.Additionly, Atty.Amendolora should not be representing this punk under these circumstances. He is a Magistrate employed by Judge Dellick in her Court.A part-time Magistrate is prohibited from practicing law in the same Appellate District in which the Court presides.This Judge needs to go.She uses and abuses political power in more ways than you could imagine.

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