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Jim Tressel’s 10-year reign in Columbus reaches its end

Jim Tressel broke the law...Just that simple! He violated the rules...Why is it that when someone we like break the rules, it's they made a mistake? but when others break the rules we want full punishment?

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Former Black Panther Pratt dies at 63

All power to the people! RIP Brother Pratt.

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Will store closings end crime in Y’town?

Dude! Im not missing the point. I just dis-agree with all that was said in the article especially when I see this type of stuff happening everyday at our neighborhood corner stores...Like I said everybody knows what goes on at these stores and everybody knows what you can buy at these stores and what you can sell. If you run a respectable buisness then you wouldnt have the thugs hanging out. Now as far as you cleaning up your yard. well I tip my hat to you...but your not the only person in youngstown that goes thru that..I live on a street where I cut my grass and the vacant houses next to me grass and take a trash bag and walk around picking up trash..Nobody bothers me! Its where I live and I dont sit around and wait for somebody else to do it...Every single night you can hear gun fire..Not once in the 10yrs that I have live on my street have the police came, no matter who calls. well thats why they do the things they do. They know the police aint coming. Im saying that we. have to take control of our neighborhood and get rid of those who want to cause problems, be it the store owner or the so called thugs. stop being scared.

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Will store closings end crime in Y’town?

Everybody knows what goes on at these store's, Just as everyone knows where the crack houses are, the prostitues stroll etc...Its what we are willing to do...and that is NOTHING...This has been going on since I can remember and I am 42yrs old...And When I say we, I mean you, Me everybody in this terrrible town. You can walk into any corner store, as long as they dont suspect you of being a cop (undercover). and buy a crack pipe
the screen that goes with and a lighter... You can buy a cup of liquor, a blunt.any flavor. a loose cigarett and nobody will ask you for I.D ......Now let me go to boardman, austintown, liberty...and ask for those things and they wont have them..and if you ask for beer, wine or cigaretts..the first thing they ask for is ID....Everybody know that at these stores in the inner city of youngstown, you can find whatever you want and its not being sold by the thugs hanging out side ...its the thugs behind the counter...I dont shop there and I never will, I belive I work hard for my dollars and I refuse to support any store that doesnt help my community. because a kid is born out of wed-lock or raised by a single parent doesnt make him/her grow up to
be a punk, drug dealer, disrespecting person. Its dealing with people like yourself who puts them down and make them feel like nothing or that they have nothing to loose that drives them towards these crimes. as you stated and I belive also..we must take responsiblity for our action and in our neighborhoods. and one of the first things we must do is rid our neighborhoods of those who do not support it..Be it the middle eastern store owner, the african american store owner or any other store owner that will willingly sell our children alchol and cigarettes..We must rid our neighborhoods of the absent landlords who wont fix our homes we rent
but expect our monthly payment..We must learn our rights when it comes to this and take our landlords to court..We must not depend on the landlord in the first place and buy these cheap homes and fix them up and take pride in our neighborhoods, We must hold our local government accountable....and as far as those stores being in the black community to help...Thats a crock of -@*# ..Thats what the WRTA is street bus will run you all the way up and down market, there is a sparkles etc..What it is that sparkels, giant eagle etc... wont sell you a crack pipe, so why go. there is such a list with brothers just as myself who would take over any of these store if suppliers wouldnt deny me certain things because my name aint muhammad...As far as the stores go
if you sell our kids alchol etc... we dont want you..and as far as the store owner working 12 long hours..That there buisness if they want it to suceed that one of the sacrafices dont act like they are doing us a favor.

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