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Warren prepares to pave 65 roads with bond-levy money

Yes, but if they fix the roads it will be a nicer ride when everyone moves out if town.

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Youngstown council to consider legislation for a firm to redistrict the city’s wards

I agree. But "lost" is really too mild for these "public servants." They are like third world despots, rigging the system to their own advantage.

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2nd Annual Arab American Festival of Youngstown educates and

Sorry I missed this. Fortunately there is on up here in Cleveland on Labor Day weekend. Funny how once you put out the food everyone just stops bickering and starts chowing down. Maybe the UN should have a buffet.

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Austintown trustees announce new racino proposal

Good going Niles. Just make a common sense offer, that doesn't try to suck a business dry and mooch off a neighboring community. Hey Youngstown, here's an idea; stop wasting the money you receive instead of looking for more to waste.

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Niles to consider raising city’s 1.5-percent municipal income tax

Here's an idea. Get rid of the mayor who's collecting retirement pay and a salary. Or they could enact a rental housing inspection fee. That probably won't pass. Councilmen and firefighters own most of the rental units.

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Teamsters, Allied Waste remain at an impasse

These nimrods get paid $43,000 a year to back down my street at 3:30 in the morning with music blaring out of the truck and the backup siren going off. F'ing reidiculous.

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Officials probe competency of Beemer, accused of raping her baby

So she can pop out kids, but can't participate in her defense? I swear the Nazis had it right with the forced sterilization.

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YPD Officer Chance resigns amid allegations of theft

They gave this guy plenty of "chances." Sorry, couldn't resist. Guess it's true, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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Businessmen to replace American Legion Post 472 for vets

Way to come together!!! While not a member of this post, as a veteran I appreciate the great thing these businesses are doing. More meaningful than a sticker on a car or a phrase in a speech. Thank you.

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One common thread I noticed in most of the shootings/ killings in the Youngstown area is that the offender had previous convictions that received a very lenient sentence. We should be punishing these "lessor" offenses to the fullest extent and keeping these animals off the streets. An interesting article would be one about the violence in the last couple years and what the probation/parole status was of the perpetrator. Vindy?

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