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Landing Mark Stoops would cost YSU athletics plenty

I think any big hire will require YSU to investigate the possibility of getting to the BCS level like the MAC

December 1, 2009 at 3:18 p.m. suggest removal

Should YSU replace Jon Heacock as head football coach?

I could not agree with the Nonsocialist more. Well put. The direction this program was going in the Tressel years this team would be in the MAC by now. As a proud alumni it truly saddens me.

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Coaching change needed

There is no way a change will come about if the local paper does not engage in objective jounalism. I do not live locally anymore so my access is limited but this is the first even remote hint from this paper of criticism of the YSU football program that at one time was the pride of the community

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Coaching change needed

This should be the easiest article you right. this is a long time overdue. I konw that Jim Tressel was a hard act to fiollow but you could see clearly from the start of his tenure that he was not going to come close to maintaining the level of play that the school had become accustomed to. It just surprises me that there has not been more rumbling before this.

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