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Will raccoons be next endangered species in Mill Creek MetroParks?

Cardinal: Mahoning Valley was mostly uninhabited by Indian tribes, used primarily as a hunting ground instead. We did have mound builders here, but they were (surprise surprise) exterminated by the other Indians.

dmacker: Yes, and if the deer destroyed the local ecology (not atmosphere, what are they, diesel engines?), you wouldn't have a park left at all. On top of that, a culling of deer must occur when the population exceeds 30-40 deer per square mile. I'm not familiar with what you're talking about, but i can guess that a deer cull is what you are referencing. Above those levels (30-40 per sq. mile), the deer may begin to starve for lack of food, and destroy the local ecology with desperate, over foraging. Young trees are also prone to over-population as the bucks will rut once a year, and scrape the velt off their antlers on the bark of a small sapling, often killing it in the process.

Anytime a group of animals is culled (in modern times at least) it is 100% of the time for the benefit of local ecosystem, and health of the species in general. You people act as though there exist this evil government bureaucracy which wants nothing more than to wantonly murder animals for the hell of it.

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