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Probation hearing for Sheriff Altiere's son reset to March


I figured out why you talk out of your rear end...... you're a truck driver. There isn't anyone in this country smarter than a truck driver according to truck drivers. Educate yourself before opening your trap! Carry on!

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Probation hearing for Sheriff Altiere's son reset to March

HAHA! This is very typical of the Altiere Family. Not all, but a few! While the Sheriff's kids run amuck, his opponent’s kids are hard working and educated. To me that says everything about how Phillips will run the Sheriff's Office. Discipline, Integrity, Honesty and Professionalism. It's very apparent! So who do you want representing the county? A man who cannot control his own kids time and time again (even as juveniles) or someone who has his priorities in line and practices what he preaches! True sign of excellence, LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

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Absolutely agree. Mr. Ford is working for Trumbull County 911. Should he be investigated by the Trumbull County Sheriff's Office?

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2 Vienna officers resign after money probe

The very sad thing about all these comments is? Darby isn't even the official Chief! So he is taking all this crap for what? NOTHING! The Vienna Trustee's need to step up or get the "F" out! Darby and other” responsible” Officer's have time and time again went in and asked for money to better that police department. What do they get told? NO! Yes, put the blame where it belongs, on the two Officers that took the money! But to blame a lack of leadership on Darby? That's wrong. Put the lack of leadership blame where it belongs..... on the Trustee's! "Regrettably accept the resignation..." you Ma'am are an idiot!

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Liberty apartments revitalize neighborhood

Frist of all, that area has never been "good" Mr. Ungaro. Unless you go back to when Northside Hospital was a teaching facility and all of that area housed doctor's and nurses.

Second, nothing is going to make that area nice again if everyone keeps making these rat traps section 8. I hope that is not this guy's intentions. otherwise, this guy is just making new homes for Liberty's trash!

spending one night in that area in your car, can never justify the facts of all the drug activity and nightly shots fired!

better do some diggin in the police reports pal!

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