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Park board gets earful about geese euthanasia

People do need to stop feeding the geese. Read the signs. The prohibition against feeding animals exists for a reason. Nothing typifies stupidity more than the sight of some Y-town fatty tossing disgusting pieces of Wonder Bread at the geese. I hope you're happy now you morons.

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The Lemon Grove on its third name, business model

This makes one appreciate the professionalism of the Simons. Through the absolute worst of times they kept a downtown business running. Cedar's probably never received a dime of govt. money either.

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Hagan introduces medical marijuana bills

"Psssst. If you vote for me, I'll get you some weed."

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Bishop Murry cites ‘firsts’ of new pontiff

The new Pope is of Italian descent. His last name is Bergoglio. His mother's last name was Sivori. Do people even understand the massive influence that Europe has over South America? Most Argentinians are the descendants of European settlers. He's another white Pope who happens to come from Argentina.

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So long, Cedar's

This is sad but I'm excited for Cedar's and their new beginning. Perhaps they can find a part of town where they'll be welcome and can lead another renaissance. I would love to see the North Side's Elm St. area get re-invigorated as a true art's district. Best of luck to them and the entire Cedar's family.

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Watch what you text

So this is what passes for front-page news in Y-town these days? Here's a headline for ya: "Tax Revenues Increase While Area's Collective IQ Continues to Plummet."

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Harding Hero

Good man!

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Reports of alcohol at Mooney probed

Who cares? They're going to get liquored-up one way or another. Might as well have parental supervision. All this hiding of it just puts kids in positions where they end up drinking and driving or getting alcohol poisoning or something else that could be avoided if adults were there to supervise. And no, I'm not a Mooney person. I don't even like Mooney.

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About 100 fracking protestors are standing outside the First National Tower downtown calling for a m

If you were a working person, Stan, you wouldn't be pushing 10k in comments at vindy.

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BP Fight


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