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3 men rob house sitters in Boardman

Stress and memory are related and there have been many studies done in social psychology about how well someone remembers detail after a stressful or traumatizing situation. Archival research shows that many people have focused on the weapon rather than details of the perpetraitor. Police questioning and how they phrase questions (asking misleading questions) can change memory. For example (not a good one, but anyway), the police ask during the interview, "Was the man who was holding the gun wearing a blue shirt?" You might think to yourself, "yeah...yeah, I remember now, he WAS!" And other people's ideas can change your recollection, this would be called "reconstructive memory".

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Terry and O’Reilly were right

I love how these comments go way off topic and become an immature form of high school speech and debate. Hitler, Catholisism, the elderly in nursing homes, and ejaculating into a towel---the examples we come up with to defend our beliefs are both understandable and insane at times. It seems like nobody tries to understand the other person's point of view. And I'm not talking about the posts, but also the women who have gotten abortions and people who perform them as well. Why do they feel this way? Religion? Morals? Personal experience? Feminism? What would you do if you were a pregnant woman and faced with this situation because you were raped? You or your spouse's life is endangered during child birth----what do you decide during those critical moments? There are too many circumstances for a good vs evil debate.

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Ohio unemployment rises to 10.8 percent in May

I'm sure Sebastian Rucci would argue that the closing of the Go Go Girl's Cabaret contributed to this percentage increase. Oh, wait didn't the article mention job gains (not losses) were in services? Ok, unemployment is no laughing matter but I couldn't help myself.

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Witnesses tell of drug use, deals at Go Go

I was right about Sebastian all along and I'm glad to see Robert testify against him.

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Go Go Cabaret owners ask judge to allow club’s re-opening

They knew about everything and failed to terminate those who were guilty. Of course they didn't know about drug use now that they got caught. There are too many old employees, videotapes, and customers who witnessed all this to let the case go.

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Cabaret shut down

By the way, the owner and other managers (not Robert Neill) who have worked there acknowledged the drug and prostitution problem but failed to terminate these girls.

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Cabaret shut down

I'm very glad to see that this place is at least temporarily shut down, however, it doesn't deserve to be singled out. Club 76, the Babylon are not filth free either---oh, don't let me forget the massage parlor at 76 if you want to complain about prostitution. All these places are corrupt in some aspect and it's not that they promote the objectification of women. To clear up some misconceptions...Sebastian Rucci (lawyer who thrives on controversy) is the owner not Robert Neill. Those who think that the club was opened to be a wh*rehouse are wrong. In fact, when the club first opened no nudity on stage was permitted. Dancers were to dress in costumes and it was more like a tacky burlesque show. The private dance rooms were monitored very closely to prevent inappropriate behavior and safety, too. Due to public demand because men don't want to pay to see women with their clothing on or to pay for a private nude dance the club was forced to go more risque to make any money which proved successful but now it's gotten way out of hand especially allowing prostitution. I hate this club and I hate the other ones in Austintown and they should be searched too. And as far as underage drinking and drug use goes...girls, if you can't do it sober don't do it at all.

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