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1,000 Valley faithful flock to mall, former bar for church

Repubs4theRich: Thanks for your well wishes. I agree... it is good to find new ways to connect to God, but let's not "forget", condemn or try to turn people away from the old ways that have served so well to preserve Christianity though out the ages!

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1,000 Valley faithful flock to mall, former bar for church

Repubs4theRich: Yes, I am very sensitive, because I care about preserving the church that Jesus established over 2000 years ago which is the universal christian church. What you don't know is that the people at the Movement have already previously told me that they consider the word "religion" in their slogan to refer to the "established, mainstream" churches and my church happens to be one of those, and so yes, I am offended by their slogan very much and think it is very harmful to the body of Christ. By telling people to forget mainstream, established Christian religions, they are telling people to forget the church Jesus established. Here is a link to a video that explains it better than I can:

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1,000 Valley faithful flock to mall, former bar for church

@repubs4therich: Sure I agree, getting more connected to God is what I imagine all God-believing churches aim to do! I never was a member of a church that shunned anyone for how they dressed or looked, so I can not relate to that. But the point here is that, Jesus never promised following him would be fun, entertaining and make us get all warm and fuzzy inside.... to the contrary, he tells us it will be hard and we will suffer because of it. Jesus teaches us how to love more deeply in a sacrificial type of love (agape) to go outside of ourselves and work for the good of others instead of looking for our own satisfaction. Certainly a rock concert that honors Jesus can be good and uplifting for any Christian on occasion, but is the Movement really a church or is it more of a pep rally? I mean, did Jesus or the apostles ever try to "entice" people to follow them by using modern music, entertainment and fun things to do? Scripture does not suggest so. Did Jesus come to get rid of all those boring old rules that the Jews had been adhering to? No, he "did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it" as scripture tells us.
Being one of those older people as some have mentioned, there is something I would like to ask young Christians (the "Y" generation) to think about: regardless of what church you belong to, please get past this thing about needing to be entertained and being catered to... following Jesus should not be dependent upon your own satisfaction, having fun or being entertained.... it should be focused instead on honoring God, giving ourselves to Him in total self-sacrifice, and building up the body of Christ... not by putting down other Christian denominations in the process or by trying to "save" someone who is already a Christian.

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1,000 Valley faithful flock to mall, former bar for church

On the website for the Movement, they say this to back up their "forget religion" slogan:
“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” James 1:27
If God’s definition of religion is to help those in need and don’t become worldly, then why in the world are we advising you to forget religion? Because, the world has corrupted religion, and we are leading a movement back to God’s definition."

So, the Movement, seems to be suggesting here that the other Christian denominations and religions have somehow "missed the boat" when it comes to caring for orphans and widows and that they have all let the world corrupt them except for the people at the Movement? They don't seem to realize that when they say "forget religion" but then say that they are somehow exempt from all that "badness" in other churches, they are judging all others by that statement. I don't have the exact stats to post here, but historically and even today, the Catholic Church has had the most impact when it comes to caring for orphans and widows and all-around charity for that matter.... I mean, look at who created the first hospitals, educational systems, adoption agencies, right to life clinics, scientific method, etc. We, as Christians need to stop saying "all others are doing it wrong but me" and instead say, "if one part of the body does good, the entire body reaps the benefit ...and if one part is suffering, the entire body suffers". If the Movement is helping atheists to believe in Jesus, then all Christians and humanity benefit from that, but they should not then be turning around and bashing the rest of Christianity as being corrupted and bad with a slogan like "forget religion".... because that is only hurting the entire body of Christ. By trying to convince existing Christians to leave their denominations and join the Movement instead because it is somehow exempt from any corruption, they are misleading people for one thing and are causing more division in the Body of Christ. Trying to imply that one part of the body is more important than another goes against scripture... and this slogan does exactly that. It is dividing rather than unifying us as Christians.

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