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Finalist: YSU is good fit for me

Dr. Anderson? Really? Why not bring in someone without a tie to the Valley. Someone with new ideas.

Dr. Anderson's promotion to President would be an other example of Mahoning Valley nepotism at its finest!

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College senior to run city’s “deconstruction” program

Tyler, it's been my experience that the Vindy has not ever been an objective newspaper, especially about news related to the city.

I agree, though, that it is a definite boon for the city. One more example of Youngstown trying new ideas and approaches to shrinking the city.

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Steel museum in Youngstown closed until Friday

Well said Y-town boy! The Steel Museum is a real asset to the area, and when the deal goes through at YSU, will be a big draw for students in the applied history field.

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Steel museum in Youngstown closed until Friday

The city doesn't even own the museum. The Ohio Historical Society does.

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Sweet: Map plan to move YSU toward greater research, less remedial work

Wow! A comment on this board that isn't negative and actually makes sense! Kudos to you dd933!

Having been at YSU for both my graduate and undergraduate degrees, I know that YSU does focus most of its resources on the undergraduate end of operations - as it should. It is nice, however, to see that the president and trustees are looking at expanding YSU's graduate programs.

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Kilcawley Center poised for $10M makeover

This is primarily why Youngstown is viewed the way it is. We have a terrible self-image. Is YSU on part with Pitt or OSU? No, but it can and should be a nice small to medium sized state school. The residents of the Mahoning Valley, however, see it as "terrible" "not good enough" and of course "Y.S. Useless." All of these comments, I am sure, come from parents and students who have never taken classes at YSU.

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Public should be livid about YSU giveaways

Well, here's the thing folks, I am an actual YSU student. I might be wrong, but is seems as though the majority of the posts here are from non-students.

My POV? I don't really care. Most students don't really care. YSU hiked tuition once every semester for five years, and there wasn't any outrage then from students or the public.

Are the bonuses a great way to get students to attend YSU? Yes. Are they maybe not the best idea in this bad economy? Probably.

Also, lots of you have noted that YSU is greedy, all about the money, etc. While this is true it is also true that YSU is a for-profit business. It's not a public school that is entirely funded by the state like a public elementary school. Why do you think we have a President and Board of Directors taht get paid annual salaries.

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$100K drive takes root to protect campus trees

I agree ROBERT, God forbid that the university would put money toward an aspect of campus that makes YSU unique. And there's no way on earth YSU could become a model for a sustainable urban campus, that would be a stupid idea.

The trustees should just pave the center of campus and paint it green. It would last longer and look so much better!

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YSU enrollment continues to rise

I agree 857. Anyone who criticizes YSU has obviously never gone to school there. I won't claim it's on par with Ohio State or Harvard, but if you're looking for a fine undergraduate institution, there's no better than YSU.

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V&M Deal Needs Cooperation

I couldn't disagree more with leaveusalone (no offense).

Maybe I'm missing something, but Girard doesn't seem to be in a situation to lose much of anything in the deal, aside from a piece of land.

I'm of the belief that Mayor Melfi is taking the suburban attitude of not being willing to give up property to the city. Parochialism seems to be alive and well in Girard, and is another blow the the region.

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