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‘Nitro’s Law’ calls for stiffer penalties for animal abuse

This broke my heart that day I heard what happened to NItro and the other sweet trusting babies. Our dogs are so dedicated to us and want nothing more than to please us and give us love and then they end up being starved to death by that disgusting Steve Croley. He is a very sick person. For someone that allegedly knew dogs - to allow that to happen, I don't have words to describe it. Why? And then not to be punished, to be able to walk free without any fine and jail time. It's unforgiving. The laws to protect animals need to be strenghtened......that's an understatement, we have no laws to protect animals! We can't allow people to abuse and neglect animals and then discard them as if they're garbage. The perpetrators of these acts are garbage, not the poor innocent animals. Ohio politicians should be ashamed of themselves and this state. It's embarrassing to admit I'm from Ohio when discussing animal cruelty laws - I should say the lack of laws.
We need to pressure our senators and representatives to make changes. We need to write them, call them and email them. It might be our pet next, we cannot allow this to continue. My heart breaks for Liz and Tom but admire their tenacity to fight for change. Thank you Nitro, you and the others will hopefully have not died in vain but for change to protect other pets that are loved as much as you were and still are!

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