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MetroParks director explains vehicle purchases

Judge Rusu just appoints the Board member he does not do any hiring. Or firing for that matter.

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UPDATE | Clinton pledges to defend the middle class

So only 500 showed up to hear her lie to them. Flashback to the early 90's and her husband drew thousands to the SouthernPark Mall to hear him promise us the Hundreds of high paying Federal jobs that he never delivered!!!!!! Shame on this county if we give her even the most modest amount of support.

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Youngstown council considers borrowing $1M for trash bins

It amazes me how Youngstown finds ways to waste more money. Out here in the burbs if we want one of those 96 gallon cans we must purchase them with our own cash. If the garbage hauler supplies one then we pay for it in our bill. It is insane for the city to take a loan out to buy these. I tend to think someone is getting a kickback.

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Boardman trustees award demolition contracts

Why is it that BOardman can tear down houses for around $5,000.00 but Youngstown just paid around $40,000.00 to tear down one house on S.Evanston Ave?

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Moliterno says the closing of company no reflection on ability to run port authority

That is typical of all corporate leaders. They come in and fail miserably , only to get paid to leave and then hired by the next company and paid way too much...

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Robert F. Hagan is resigning from the state board to take a lobbying job, the Mahoning County Democratic chairman says

I will always remember Mr. hagan for his stellar run at becoming mayor of Youngstown. Despite spending tons of money and plastering his image everywhere, this white, longtime Democrat office holder (in a Democratic stronghold) could not beat a young black, independent with limited financial backing....

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Boardman teacher pleads guilty to OVI; school district supports him

Okay, why is there a plea deal in a case like this? A deputy witnesses the whole incident and the teacher obviously fled from a pursuing police car. Not to mention he blew well over the legal limit in a breath test... And he side swiped a car headed in the opposite direction (that close to a head on collision and major injuries or even fatalities. Guilty of all charges!,,

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Perjury case of Sebastian Rucci dismissed

Who got paid ? This piece of crap got nothing after all of the charges and arrests at his palace of ill repute...what a joke!

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McNally tells state board he'd oversee Youngstown schools, if asked

From his jail cell?? Just the kind of role model the kids need! A man facing indictment ! Only in Youngstown.

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Emotions pour over at South Range board meeting following last week's levy defeat

I have no dog in this fight whatsoever but for a school that is struggling so much financially you people sure light that place up like a Christmas tree! We drove past SUnday night and it looked like every light on the property was on...

Money saving idea number 1. Cut back on lighting overnight and on weekends.. Your're welcome.

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