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Son charged with murder in mom's death in Ohio

I knew his mother, Mary, well. I also knew Circe (Jeffrey Cather) before and during the time she had her shop in the Oliver House.
What I know about Mary is that she was a hard worker, a loyal friend, and a good person. She did everything for Tony, and all he did was demand.
I am trying to understand a couple of things here: One is how a person like Tony could have been a good friend to anyone for any length of time. IMO, he has the personality of a budding serial killer. Although, as far as we know, he did not kill anyone else, killing his mother was perhaps the start of more to come from this sick puppy. Why would he kill his mother with such vehemence when she was probably his biggest, and maybe his only, advocate in the end?
Since I only knew Mary, perhaps one of you who knew Tony could shed some light on this for me. What he did to his mother was not only dastardly, but he took a very good person from this earth.

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