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Son charged with murder in mom's death in Ohio

Zaney nicely said. Every religion has their crazies in it and to link the actions of one person to everything like the guy above did is wrong and disrespectful. It puts those things into a negative light and that should not be the way it is. Anthony was just plain evil. What I think is funny is they cut and pasted that from somewhere else, but it doesn't mention his close involvement with the Catholic Churches in the area which, like everything else, he betrayed and stole from. In the end Anthony's actions were his own and by his own admittance he knew what he was doing. The people and groups above, including his own group, he left years ago. He was a power seeker and status claimed and in the end turned to the only thing he cared for and worshipped. Himself and drugs. I kind of feel sorry for him as he has nobody in this world NOR does he have anything in the Spiritual World. I am pretty sure if you steal from Gods House, claim the Old Gods are Dead, and offend the other Entity's and Spirits you claim to work with he will be destroyed by his own deeds and actions.

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Son charged with murder in mom's death in Ohio

Nigebirch I think you are so right about Anthony and his issues. I was a close friend of his for a while. I unfortunately do not know what totally happened with him. Either he was somewhat decent or he was a very good actor who can glamour himself to look like a trusting individual. I used to believe the first, but as more light was revealed to me I feel he was just a good actor who was just self centered and self serving and the best way he knew how to get what he wanted was by being the Cunning Fox and sneaking into the Chicken Coop by acting like a friend to the Farmer.

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Son charged with murder in mom's death in Ohio

I would like to know who felt this was important to post this about Anthony Bertolina and his "religious" path. Why is this important and why is it labeled "Tales from the Dark Side"? I am offended that you have linked these two together. I was a member of the S&B and a Priest of the Old Religion. Lady Circe was my Spiritual Grandmother and Lord Martigan a trusted friend. Anthony Bertolina, formely known as Mordecai, left all those groups behind years ago. His actions do not reflect the S&B or Lady Circe's teachings or Lord Martigans teachings or in anyways the teachings and beliefs of the Old Religion or Witchcraft. Anthony Bertolina, who used to be a close friend of mine, betrayed and lied and stole from us all and we all are sickened and saddened by the choices he made. These were his choices and no way linked to any group or name listed above.

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