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Donald Trump called for an immigration policy to ‘only admit into this country those who share our values’

Thanks go out to YSU and all that made this National Defense Policy occur in Youngstown, Oh,

Donald Trump displayed he is listening to his advisers, which is the mark of great President - Mr Trump is not afraid to call 'a spade, a spade"

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step" Confucius

That is what Donald Trump laid out yesterday in Youngstown, OH

Again and again he stated the importance of living in a safe and free society, that people not believing in our Constitution, have no business living here, he said We already have enough problems to resolve, we don't want to import more problems without improved vetting.

In Contrast, Hillary Clinton wants to bring in a Million unvetted Muslims at a cost over 400 Billion dollars over her time in Office--These unvetted Muslims migrants hit the taxpayer lotto- Free checks for 3 years, free housing, free medical- the is National Democrat way to develop more government paid ghetto.s and voters.

Hillary Clinton's has said she will raise taxes on the middle class, what's left of us.

Hillary is a Elitist Socialist- Hillary said she broke when leaving the White House and now she is personally worth 200 millions dollars.. Where did it from? --The Clinton Foundation is worth over 2 billion dollars.. Where did it come?

Hillary will not give public press conferences, she is hiding, she is trying to run out the clock, while the Press covers for her.

Never vote for a Socialist Thanks

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Brussels police conduct more raids linked to deadly bombings

After we watched the dastardly bombing of innocents by the Islamic-driven thugs in Brussels and a drone strike on a ISIS leader, our thugs Obama/Kerry were saying ISIS is disintegrating...So much disintegration that ISIS bombed an Iraqi soccer field killing another 60 people two days later.

After all it was Easter to the Infidels--

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Youngstown NAACP chapter calls for ouster of Superintendent Stephen Stohla

NAACP never focus on the perpetrators, funny Huh, Well not really. They have a race-virus- if there's a white guy involved, must be his fault. Problem , some people will actually believe them.

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TRUMP RALLY | Trump lauds smarter leadership of other countries. says we'll 'learn'

Trump is a doer, he is a worker and he is Leader, He is working for America, for its People.. It's fact John Kasich voted for NAFTA, doesn't talk about it and is for Trans-Pacific Partnership, even Rod Portman is now getting nervous, it has not yet been completed.

This is what Trump is referring to: , our politicians give up, way too much in these deals, remember their jobs are always protected., the people's job, not so much

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Election Now | FINAL RESULTS on special Vindy page

Reminder John Kasich voted Yes for NAFTA and was Postive for Trans Pacific Partnership TTP bad deal

President Clinton signed NAFTA and bragged about how good it would be---He forgot to tell us it would be good for Mexico

Look what has happened We have lost 50% of our manufacturing

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Manufacturing will be revived, Clinton tells Youngstown rally

Remember, the Democrats refused to allow KeystoneXL, a private venture financed with government money,

Interview the employees at Vallourec then you will knowthere is only one choice for President Donald Trump
Clinton is lifelong liar-remember Libya-
Sanders is a Socialist, went to Russia to get married
Kasich-voted for Nafta
Trump- No one owns him--He will shake up the Establishment, he is the peoples choice

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SDSU dominates YSU

I was there, they were beat by a better team, it happens all the time in sports. Yes YSU could play better, however they would need a lot of breaks to beat this team

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Poland school board looks at its building options

This is a long-term bad deal for Poland taxpayers, With information technology doubling every 20 years, there may no be a need for massive buildings that store pupils.

Within 10 years, the majority of students will probably be studying from home. Many giant corporations have employees now working at home.

Also, with declining student enrollment, the need for this long term expenditure is foolish.

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BREAKING NEWS | GM to build Cruze model in Mexico

After GM received billions of taxpayers dollars:
1. Shut down America Plants
2. Permanently laid off over 30,000 workers nationwide
3. Used bailout money to invest heavy in China
4. The Cruz was developed overseas and continues to have tremendous amount of foreign auto parts from Mexico and China
5. In closing, the Cruz was not developed in the US and with high foreign content the US will never be a major player.

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Ohio State prez: Athletics is just one of many successes

Facts: Drake is a affirmative-action activitist-protesting against Calif Prop 209-It was voter approved and seconded by the Calif Supreme court, he still resisted the will of the people. Records indicate he went into education right after his residency--so it appears he was a non practicing Doctor. Gordon Gee made disparaging remarks about Roman Catholics and esp Polish Americans--So Ohio State goes from a racist to a political activitist to head this school

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