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Decision to close public library was made after much thought

I can't believe these comments over the closing of 1 day of the library! Get over it is only the library....this is not a life or death institution. Jeez, all the crap our government is doing that deserves letters; and you decide to complain about this?

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Dock the pay of director Daniel over closing of Mahoning libraries

rjwit63 I think you hit the nail on the head. Obviously this guy didn't check the facts. Trumbull library was closed as well as YSU because they were still on holiday break. I think this guy has nothing better to do than stir trouble.

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Jacubec’s hot start lifts ’Cats past ’Dogs

I find it a shame that you had to start this article the way you did: with insults to a 17 yr old young man. Why is it you can't just give praise to the Struthers team, that is deserves? I felt this article was very biased. I also feel an apology is due to Jake. And to say the team doesn't have the talent of last year...really? I am sure this comment will not be published as there is only one comment and I can surely guess that many comments were made that are not in favor of this article. Shame on you!!

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