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Dellick accused in 2 other road-rage incidents; special prosecutor considered

Why do you people think this angry young "turd", I mean road rager does not have a male parental unit. It really is not that hard to find out he has a prominent father also. I love the latest news release of is carrying on at YSU, causing the YSU police to be called a few weeks ago after Mommy wanted to take his car away. In the defense of Mom she did try the one time.

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Gunfire erupts after relatives of man killed by police enter Warren party

The bars they wanted closed were Black bars. I think much of the problem in warren, new castle, sharon, and the rural areas is the Detroit connection. I ain't no cop but can decipher simple things. Too bad the cops have so many problems. Maybe it is because the detectives and others are too burned out doing all their side work.

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Judge Dellick's comments don’t violate code, retired professor says

Typical canfield a-hole punk. Join the military if you are so bad, punk!! I was road raged on once when I yelled at a van to move as he just sat at the stop sign. Dude followed me down the road for several miles before running me off the road. Got out of his vehicle ( as if to want to fight me) but kept holding the door shut of my vehicle so I could not kick his arse. I find out later that this particular piece of human excrement ends up being a pole smoking pedophile who is on the mahoning county perve list with a canfield or salem address. This dellick kid will probably follow the same path in life unless mommy quits feeding him from her teets.

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