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Jamail Johnson's family is yearning for justice and closure

@db I try not to judge people like you have obviously done here without knowing anything about this young man, but I'm going to make an exception here. You are a despicable human being. I don't know Jamail personally, but I am assuming his story has been so highly publicized because he was an upstanding, well-liked guy. Additionally, it seems that his mother wishes to make her story known as she is obviously suffering through an incredibly difficult time. I think it is important to acknowledge that none of us are perfect, well except for you and your children of course. I know I attended my fair share of underage parties in high school and college. To claim that throwing underage parties undermines the devastation of a young kid being murdered is insane. You are disgusting. I think your daughter is going to be the one who misses these late night parties. One less place for her to sleep around. Also, to blame Jamail for the demise of these individuals is delusional.

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