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Phantom Fireworks uses Nook tablets to assist customers

Good for Phantom and Mr. Zolden for succeeding. Of course Youngstowners have to bitch and complain about something. Who cares if they are made in china?

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YPD seeking ex-military for the force

I'd apply if I was getting out of the Navy but I'm not anytime soon. We need veterans to get hired for jobs as the unemployment rate for veterans is higher than the normal unemployment rate.

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You guys are really complaining about Mac and Cheese? You know there is only 400 calories and 3g fat in a cup of Mac and Cheese. It looks like that is what they are eating for the main course with other sides as vegetables.

I grew up on this kind of food and I'm not obese as a thriving adult. It's not what the kids eat always. How about having them play outside until they are tired instead of sitting and watching tv, playing video games or on the computer?

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Grand jury indicts Boardman man on attempted murder, assault, kidnapping charges

I love how people call Boardman the new southside. I mean it's not like it used to be but you can't make that comment based on this story. This guys was born and raised in Boardman and obviously has serious mental issues. It has nothing to do where you from.

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BREAKING NEWS: Murder charges dropped against Jamar Houser in 2010 shooting death

I just hope no one else gets murdered at the hands of this man who should be in jail. Instead he'll walk the streets, doubtful he'll change his life.

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BREAKING NEWS: Murder charges dropped against Jamar Houser in 2010 shooting death

If he was so innocent why were his parents threatening witnesses?

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Former Valley pair applauds Obama’s gay marriage stance

It's sad people from Youngstown are so ignorant and out of date.

I won't be voting for Obama but this shouldn't even be an issue.

People deserve to be happy. It's obvious people in Youngstown aren't happy gay or straight.

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Mom’s Meals in N. Jackson

I looked on the website. It's 4.99 a meal plus shipping. Which I'm assuming probably adds at least $2 a meal. It's a good idea and all but $450 for a month worth of meals.

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Youngstown to install paid parking meters downtown

Why do people complain about homeless begging for food/money? Have you never been to a downtown in a major city? You don't think there are homeless everywhere?

My only problem with the meters is they should be longer not just 1 hour. Most people have stuff to do that takes longer than an hour. Make it 2 hours or 3 hours max.

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US soldier's family gives update on his suicide


Unless you are in the military you have no idea what goes on. Hazing is common practice and it seems like the Army is trying to make an example of these men because the chinese community is in an outrage. If that wasn't the case then I'm sure they may get punished but not like this.

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