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Cruze sales hit 212,019 for year

Wouldn't buy a GM product even if I could get it for a dollar. Love going past the Lordstown plant and look in the parking lot at how many non-GM cars are sitting there.

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Valley gas prices down by a dime

It's nice to see pricing going down here in the Valley. However, they are still lower in other places. For instance, I was in Tennessee last week and the price was $3.11 for regular.

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Do-Cut will rebuild in Canfield, owner says

Stan must be an arson investigator or he watched the movie Ladder 49. I agree with kingrick, Stan does speculate a lot. However, he is entiled to his opinions, even if sometimes they are foolish.

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YSU, faculty reach no settlement, talks expected to resume Monday

YtownParent: Not sure what your stance is, but the vast majority of companies have the cost of heath insurance split between the employer and the employee. The YSU situation is just another example of the union mentality of the Mahoning Valley.

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Betras to meet Obama

Betras is going to thank Obama for the Valley success stories. The Cruze and V&M Star. Really. Let's get real. An ambulance chaser thanking the man on a spending spree for things he had nothing to do with. Oh, I stand corrected, Obama bailed out GM and gave a small portion of the expansion money to V&M. Big deal.

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Obama promotes jobs plan on GOP turf

dodge2002: How right you are. The puppet named Tim Ryan will do his best to promote this foolish plan. The same old BS that was the Stimulus Plan.

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Lordstown’s Chevrolet Cruze turns 1

wakeboarder: You are so right. Steering wheel and transmission issues.

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Lordstown’s Chevrolet Cruze turns 1

In response to the Cruze Chronology, hasn't some employees been laid-off at Lordstown? Why isn't that written in there. Just like when Tim Ryan shows up for a third shift being added or a new business opening, but nowhere to be seen when layoffs and closing happen.

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Kelly Pavlik’s reputation takes a huge hit

I am totally mesmarized by Pavliks comments and lack of loyalty. It's really sad because I have been a Kelly supporter from day one. Having attended a few of his fights (including the championship bout in Atlantic City), have defended him on this website and being a recovering addict and alcoholic, I had his back when so many fellow Valley people did not. Sorry Kelly, but the buck stops here. Get off your high horse and come back down to reality.

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Pool owners face varying zoning regulations

For all you people that don't like Youngstown or the surrounding areas, why are you still here. I don't see why buying a pool permit is such a big deal.

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