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Kelly Pavlik busted for OVI after ATV accident

Lifes2Short; I agree with you 100%. I am a recovering alcoholic / addict. Recovering can only start if you admit to Step 1 in a 12-Step program, attend meetings, get a sponsor, change your habits (even friends, in some cases), re-dedicate yourself, etc. Going to rehab to get clean is only the beginning. It is a lifelong committment. I went to rehab for 90-days, but I am still a nomad on a journey of sobriety. Kelly: Make it happen.

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Report: 1 in 5 US adults on behavioral meds

I had some major issues with depression and bipolar disorder before being put on Lexapro and Abilify. Not sure where I would be without the two medications.

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Sha Na Na member to campaign against issue 2

I believe on the show they used to say "Goodnight Sweetheart, It's Time To Go". That is what I have to say about the unions not paying their fair share. Yes on 2.

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Reputed mobsters charged with taking over company

This Valley was a lot safer when mobsters ran the show.

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2 sides of Issue 2

Tired of seeing the scare tactic ads on TV. Even though my wife is a nurse, I will be voting Yes on 2.

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Ohio students protest racially based costumes

Give me a break you bleeding heart liberals. Besides, Halloween is a joke. We tell our children not to take candy from strangers, don't eat a bunch of sugar and be yourselves. Then we send out to the homes of people we don't know, they fill up on candy and disguise themselves in costumes.

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Lordstown workers receive $9,000 in bonuses

A bonus for signing a contract. Bonuses should be based on performance. It was nice to see a small quote from a GM spokesperson in the article. As I have said before, it is usually always quotes from the union people only. People in this area seem to think the union are their employers. What a joke. Still wouldn't buy a GM product.

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GM invests $5.5M for 2013 Chevy Cruze at Lordstown

Why whenever something happens at Lordstown do we always hear from the union people and never a GM spokesperson or management. Goes to show how lopsided this Valley is when it comes to the union mentality. Down with unions, down with GM and down with the Dems.

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Federal funding to help reduce alcohol-related crashes

dodge2002: Yeah it's a waste to help save a life or two. It's a $150,000. What price tag do you put on a life.

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Green vision focuses on Sheet & Tube company homes

I grew up in a Sheet & Tube duplex in Struthers. I wasn't proud to live there at the time, but understand the significance at this time in my life. However, they are now crap holes and an eyesore. I took my two sons past the places a few years ago and they were scared. Anything that can clean them up in Campbell, Struthers or wherever, more power to youy.

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