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Auto bailout could be key to Obama victory in Ohio

IslandMike. I am a Republican and proud of it, especially so here in this union blinded Democratic Mahoning Valley. I am also proud to say that I don't hate anyone. With your mentallity maybe you should be on an island - by yourself. By the way, how about the voucher programs that Obama has taken to the next level. And let's not forget the free phone program.

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Auto bailout could be key to Obama victory in Ohio

IslandMike. Glad to see you are at it again. Romney did not want to see GM close permanently. He wanted GM to file bankruptcy like other organizations do when they can't pay their bills and are in financial trouble. Romney also didn't say that he doesn't care about 47% of American people. Get your stories straight. Why don't you go hold picket sign outside of Bottom Dollar so you can put more people out of work like you buddy Obama.

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Economy seeps into final face off

ISLANDMIKE - Grow up. FLHTCUI - Don't lump all the Republicans together when it comes to racism. My vote for Romney has nothing to do with the color of ones skin. It has to do with what is best for this country. Yes country, not GM alone or Bin Laden. There are several threats to national security everyday, by multiple people. I am so tired of the Dems hanging their hat on the auto bailout when so many others are unemployeed or under-employeed. If you want Obama, go for it and quit reverting back to Bush. Get over it already.

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UAW praises Obama for saving auto industry, jobs

Well written DOLE2. The beer is probably foreign or cheap as well. Maybe Busch Lite.

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UAW praises Obama for saving auto industry, jobs

Yes FLHTCUI. We owe everything to Lordstown. The place the employs the most egotistical, arrogent, I am better than you individuals. Give it a rest. The best thing about GM Lordstown is going by the plant on I-80 and seeing how many non-GM cars are in the parking lot.

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Economy seeps into final face off

FLHTCUI - where do you come up with the KKK remarks. Why do you have to play the race card. Obama has done nothing positive in the last 4-years. He personally did not get Bin Laden. He bailed out the auto industry - big deal. Small businesses are going under everyday while GM owes us, the taxpayers, but are still giving out bonuses. And God forbid the Republicans have a news channel that backs them. The Dems have ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS and off course, the union propaganda pushing Vindicator.

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Economy seeps into final face off

IslandMike. Give it a break. There is much more to the Mahoning Valley than Lordstown. I didn't see the government bailout any mom and pop stores that had to close. Because of people like you, I will never buy a GM car.

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Obama, Romney spar on taxes, jobs, education, health care

The Vindicator. What a biased democratic piece of you know what. Let's hang our hat on GM, because as we all know, they are the most important. How about paying back what you owe the government before giving out bonuses. However, neither candidate is worthy of a vote.

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Deal to sell "M-A-S-H" hot dog diner in Ohio falls through

How about P.O. Lunch in New Castle. I grew up in Struthers and my father used to drive to P.O. for there dogs and fries.

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UPDATED: Pavlik faces Friday arraignment on three charges

I am a recovering alcoholic / addict. Recovering can only start if you admit to Step 1 in a 12-Step program, attend meetings, get a sponsor, change your habits (even friends, in some cases), re-dedicate yourself, etc. Going to rehab to get clean is only the beginning. It is a lifelong committment. I went to rehab for 90-days, but I am still a nomad on a journey of sobriety. Kelly: Make it happen.

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