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Tigers finish 4-game sweep of Tribe

I love it. So tired of the "Fly by night" Cleveland fans. They support when doing well. Disappear when going bad. Same goes for the Browns fans. Hope the Clowns loss every game this year and the Tribe misses the playoffs.

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Pavlik brightens fan’s day

Awesome Kelly. It is about time that the Vindy publishes some positive comments on Kelly. I have always supported Kelly, especially so when he was struggling with his demons. I am a recovering alcoholic and know those struggles first hand. GO KELLY!

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Monster Storm

isacc45. It's like the pot calling the kettle black. Obama supporters can bash the Republicans, but the Republicans can't post their comments. Sometimes the truth for the Dems in the Valley is hard to take.

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Fracking meeting set for Thursday

Maybe they can then go carry signs outside of Bottom Dollar to try and put them out of business.

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Don't forget to recycle political yard signs

Yeah, right. Drive upteen miles with gas at $3.40+ a gallon to recycle signs to save 2 cents.

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Sandy sidelines Obama; Biden to join Clinton here

Just off the wire: Clinton to be at the Babylon in Austintown at 8pm for a rally. Biden to be at the Funny Farm Comedy Club in Mojo's at 10pm.

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Thousands rally for Romney and Ryan in North Canton

The Democrats should be renamed F.R.E.E. Which when broken down stands for FREELY RELAX - EXPECT EVERYTHING. Obama is giving away the farm, however we are paying for it. Yes, us the taxpayers. Obama has been on the campaign trail his whole presidency. Now he is coming to the Valley with Slick Willie. Obama should have just brought Hugh Hefner with him.

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Historic event on Monday draws ticket seekers today to Covelli Centre

By the way, Clinton is also going to speak at the Babylon.

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Historic event on Monday draws ticket seekers today to Covelli Centre

IslandMike. I love how the only legs you have to stand on with Obama is how Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive. Give it a break already. Maybe Clinton could bring Monica with him. I love how Biden stays in the background. The Dems are afraid of what he might say.

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Ind. GOP Senate candidate stands by rape comment

IslandMike: How did you get hate from the article? The candidate was clearly wrong. Political affiliation aside. I believe that you have a lot of hostility built up and want to blame it on others. Go to where your web name bares - an island

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