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UPDATE | Classes canceled at East High after large fight

Please know your facts before stating them. The NAACP is not against removing the bad element from schools. We have been trying to do that, among other things, in order to ensure a safe learning environment for all children that want to learn.

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NAACP says East High has been failing for 20 years

To georgejeanie: Your comment let's us all know that you aren't a protégé of Einstein. Education is and will always be a priority in the Black community. There are just as many white children lacking a proper education in this area as there is Black children. The real deal is the White children's failures are not publicized. Here's the real deal - It doesn't matter if a child is Black, White, Hispanic or any other culture; they all deserve an excellent education. The YCS receives $16,310 a year per student. The teachers in YCS are paid $55,000 or less per year. Sure, parental involvement is one of the essential keys. But when I am a parent that is involved and very concerned and my child graduates from a YCS with honors but has to take remedial courses to attend YSU there is a problem that is not a CHILD'S or PARENT'S fault. The problem is that the "powers that be" have been sucking the life blood out of the YCS system for too many years. We as concerned parents/citizens are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and we are going to fight this battle until the war is won. Government checks have nothing to do with a public education being properly given to our children. I am employed and pay high taxes. I offer you this challenge: Attend the next YCS board meeting on March 8 at 5:30 so that you can see and hear for yourself before you condemn our children and the Black families.

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Judge blocks Kimble’s choice for Youngstown distress panel

My question is this: Why not a parent of a YCS student on this commission? All they ever do is blame the parents for lack of this and lack of that. I feel that a parent should be involved in this process of correcting the school system. This parent can have a voice for the parents that are concerned about their child's education.

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Killing stuns neighborhood

DACOUNTRYBOY: There is not a reason on God's green earth that this man could have had for killing Ms. Huff other than he is pure evil. He didn't need a motivating factor because if he didn't like the situation, whatever it was or for whatever reason it was, the same door he left out of and then ran back into when the police came, he could have left out of it earlier without killing her and beating her mother.

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Killing stuns neighborhood

Pookie you are sadly mistaken. No matter where you live, a killing of this nature stuns you. I have lived on the Southside of Ytown all my life and death because of a murder still stings. Think of Ms. Huff's family. They have lost one of their loved ones, not at the hands of her multiple sclerosis, but at the hand of an evil man. THAT IS STUNNING AND HEARTBREAKING!!!

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School board asks appeals court for injunction

I am a parent of a Youngstown City school student. This crap with the school board, the teacher's union and the senators needs to stop. YCS has been failing for 14 years and these aforementioned people weren't concerned then. Now that their jobs and leadership powers are in jeopardy, they are running around to whomever will listen trying to save their behinds. Either get with the program or look for another job. Stop wasting taxpayers money on lawyers trying to save your jobs. It's not about YOU, it's about the CHILDREN of this failing school system finally getting a chance at a decent education.

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UPDATE | More oppose Youngstown Plan but not Canton Chamber

WOW!!! Look at the school board and Rev. Simon scramble like roaches when the lights are turned on. Rev. Simon sat at school board meetings for years with nothing to say about improving our children's education. Now he's "supposedly" so concerned. Get real! You are only doing this because you got appointed to the ADC and disappointed before you had a chance to take the "lights out" actions of the school board any further. The school board has been not listening to the parents/concerned citizens for many years. Don't act like you're so concerned about the children now. Your only concern is that you won't be able to have that power that you've misused/abused for so many years.

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Woman arraigned in man’s stabbing

This is a mother standing up for her child and then having to defend herself against a man. I would have done the same thing. Women are not taking getting beat down lightly theses days. SELF DEFENSE!!!

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South Side woman threatened by men won’t return home

Shame on you people. Suppose it was your daughter and grandkids. White, Black, Orange or Yellow. It doesn't make a difference - a gun sees no color and fear comes in all colors.

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