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Romney campaign to stop in Valley

Even Mitt Romney agrees Obama has improved the economy
Whats that Mitt? Vote for Obama? Whatever you say :D -Thanks to Rachael Maddow for the find.

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BREAKING NEWS: President Obama to visit the Valley on Friday

Even Mitt Romney agrees Obama has improved the economy
Whats that Mitt? Vote for Obama? Whatever you say -Thanks to Rachael Maddow for the find.

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Police defend K-9 in attack on 8-year-old

lilgandee I agree. The dog is not at fault it is the officer. The dog did what he was trained to do. The officer should be officially reprimanded. What he did was just as dangerous as leaving his loaded service weapon unattended. Thank God the little boy was not severely injured.

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Green vision focuses on Sheet & Tube company homes

Freeatlast is right!I commend what Mr Solokoff is doing and wonder if everyone joined in to help instead of watching or moving away to some mythical place where crime and vandalism don't exist. Those things dwindle away when people invest TIME and effort. It cant be one or two people. It has to be a collective effort.

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2 men killed on North Side

So the people who bring the drugs into this country with boats and planes are welfare recipients? LOL. The major profiteers who are American citizens are welfare recipients? LOL Drug operations are funded from private business men ( usually white, suburbanites). The disenfranchised are prey and victimized by their desire to have mone and the trappings of money. These are the children and grandchildren of the folks who worked in the multitude of mills and plants that surrounded this community. Their families worked hard and in dangerous places. The familes paid taxes and didn't collect. The jobs dried up and went across the boarders to fill the pockets of the already rich. Sad.

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Anxiety mounts for vet’s family

If you give from your heart that is all God requires us to do. Do not give what you can not stand to see walk away.

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2 men killed on North Side

Name one mayor and police chief that did not have crime/murder occur? None. When the mob was killing off each other was that Jay and Jimmy's fault? I think not. There was crime in the city before the white people moved out. You seem to have selective memory. Regardless of who was killed and how they were killed there is family left to mourn them. How do you know what the government did or did not give them? How do you know their parents were missing? This is all speculation about the tragic ending of life. They probably contributed to their deaths but it is still the lost of life regardless and pain for the family members left behind. Your comments are inane and do nothing to end the problem. If all you have to offer is blame without substance or an attempt at solution shut up.

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Shooting death of son mirrors that of his dad

What an ignorant and erroneous comment! Social security benefits only pay to those who have worked enough quarters to qualify. Given that this young man was only 17, I highly doubt he had paid in enough for those benefits. And if he did, SS benefits are EARNED not some type of handout.Why shouldn't the family members of WORKING Americans collect the benefits that the deceased earn. At least when spewing your ignorance, know what you are talking about.

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Top court upholds 310-year sentence for arsonist who killed 6

I didn't miss your missed mine. The ones actually most harmed by Davis' acts were innocent of any wrongdoing at all. His issues neither negate what he did or provide mitigating factors as to why he should receive seem to believe that even though he was was not "really" his fault. I say to that BullSh*t! Something is fundamentally broken inside of him that he could callously set a house on fire with those people inside over an allegedly stolen cell phone. Well lets see alleged stolen cell phone vs 6 innocent people dead (actual intent was that ALL of the people inside die...I think original count was 11). If you think that there is ANY reasoning that excuses or explains Davis' actions, then like whitesabbath said, there is something wrong with YOU!

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Top court upholds 310-year sentence for arsonist who killed 6

Maybe no one would of died???So six people dead...4 of them children and thats all you can say? over a cell phone? Thats my definition of an animal. A monster..someone who would block a door and set fire to a house KNOWING that there were INNOCENT children in there...who knows what else a monster like that would do. He should be locked away from society for the rest of his life. If his property was stolen, he should have called the police. Nothing done to him could justify the devastation he has caused so many people. He is a sociopath and beyond any rehabilitation. Only God can save him at this point.

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