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Report: MYCAP is ‘high risk’

In an attempt to remain successfully assisting the residents in Mahoning County I beleive it would be in the best interest of the citizen and for the agency to split all the programs up that are administer by MYCAP. It would be more feasible to manage and monitor federal money. It is critical that the citizens receive services that they may greatly need. There are other programs such as WIC, Head Start, etc which are administered under different agencies. Over the years MYCAP it is sad to say but these program supervisors have done some low down dirty things to their employees and the citizens of youngstown as well. The agency is like a little Peyton Place. Not only Richard has took advantage of agency money but his other program supervisors as well. If you check the paper work very thoroughly, you will see. The agency program directors have been stealing money for years. It didn't just begin with Richard. Actually he shouldn't have to go down by his self. The other program directors played a large roll in mismanagement of funds as well.

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MYCAP director: Probe would vindicate agency

Ha La Lu Ya!

I never thought this day would come. It is about time this agency got caught for spending agency money for their personal use.

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Youngstown to end pact with MYCAP before Feb.

I agree with Mayor Williams 100%. He has made the right decision. A lot of citizens in Youngstown would be shocked if they knew just how much mismanagement of funds and a lot other things that Mr. Roller and the entire agency has done over the years. I say entire agency because all of the employees represent Mr. Roller and the agency. Mr. Roller is a very clever guy. He has did so much dirt in the agency they'll never catch him. I know so much unfair things the agency has did. I will not tell. I'm not that type of person. I have always wondered why God let bad things happen to good people and people like Richard, who is a thief get all the blessings.

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