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Owners suspect poisoning in deaths of 3 dogs in Campbell

first of all, irresponsible owners would'nt have even had the dogs tied up...they would be roaming the neighborhood..1 owner left their dog unattended for the weekend other than someone coming to check up on it..that I don't agree with. The other animals were tied out. I own a dog and I tied my dog out at times over the weekend to go to the bathroom, that sure doesn't mean that my dog should be poisoned and better off dead than to let me let him out to do his business. You don't know if the puppy was always left out on a chain or was out to do its ASS-UME. According to you guys whoever has a dog and ties them out at all is irresponsible owners. The fact is theres a sick person out there walking around poisoning animals.

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Cash-strapped Animal Charity ends assistance to calls of abuse, neglect

It's the animals that will suffer. Maybe they shouldn't have moved out of Youngstown to Boardman...maybe they should have bought a building that was more affordable for them. Maybe they could have if the animals were their first priority. Sad, isn't it

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Finance director questions legal expenses

Before you start slamming Campbell for being a slum, remember, there are good, law abiding citizens that live here too. Not everyone is a criminal. Southside just doesn't move to your eyes and look around..there are criminals everywhere.

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