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That’s what the Tea Party is about

Stan, as I said, the person above should be prosecuted and thrown in jail, unfortunately you are still on the wrong side of the argument that all GLBT are child molesters.

If you wanted to match news articles of straight men molesting young girls to gay men molesting young boys we could be here for days. Have you ever seen "To Catch A Predator" Stan? There are sexual deviants in straight community who hurt children as much and more then there are in the GLBT community, so give it a rest will ya?

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That’s what the Tea Party is about

You know what else God calls an abomination Margaret?

That polyester housecoat you were probably wearing as you wrote your thoughts is made from two threads, an abomination to God. Over the past 3 years the group that has put on the Pride Festival have been upstanding citizens in Youngstown, the 3 organizers faced prejudice such as yours and have averaged about 1,000 visitors a year to the festival, including city, state and community citizens who I would be proud to stand next to. As palmer said above, thee who is without sin, especially thee who feels you are on equal footing to judge others with God..... I seem to remember Jesus having some kind words to say about most he met, he would be thrilled with how you are speaking for his Father.

As for Stan, this is an argument you have waged and lost many times friend. I will stand beside you to prosecute and punish anyone in the GLBT Community who commits child abuse, it is unfortunate that the small percentage of those that are gay seem to be more important to you than the huge percentage of molesters that are straight.

The Mahoning Valley GLBT Community have some of the nicest people I have ever met Margaret, and I am sure you would say the same thing if they weren't afraid to come out to you in person Margaret. They are the officer who writes you a ticket, the customer service agent who helps you at the Mall, the fireman who saves your house, the member of the congregation that went to your church, and yes even the hairdresser that set your hair.

Come out of the Old Testament Margaret and read the New....Jesus had but one commandment to put above all others, love your neighbor as I have loved you. I think he would be a bit disappointed in you Margaret.

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Groundbreaking set for Pride garden Saturday

It is really so sad that someone who says in their profile name that they are an alumni of college is still so ignorant and uneducated. Thankfully there is already a veterans memorial, a fallen officer memorial bridge, and other memorials that are still to come or needed.

This is a garden first and foremost to beautify the city, celebrate pride in all communities, including the GLBT community that has donated the land and thought of the idea. The AIDS Memorial is just a section of the Garden and is a memorial to ALL people who have lived, died, or fought for AIDS. AIDS effects everyone and is not a gay or dyke disease to use your vernacular.

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Groundbreaking set for Pride garden Saturday

Attis, yes our "gang" has stolen words from the english language for our own private use, seriously?? If you want the word "gay" back, you can have it, we would much rather just be thought of as men and women than gay men and gay women. The fact that Stan still believes you "harvest" AIDS is more proof of the ignorance that is still out there and why a memorial to all who have suffered with this disease, gay, straight, white, black, men, women. Stan would never be able to wrap his head around the FACT that African American women are now the fastest rising group contracting the disease, he has to keep it in the gay community to help him sleep better. But enough of the hate talk.

This will be called "The Pride Community Garden" for it's many meanings: Pride in our GLBT community for never accepting less than tolerance; Pride in the City of Youngstown and the Southside Ward 7 community in beautifying their neighborhood; and Pride in all members of human community to get along and work on a project about pride, beauty, and community. We hope to see you all at the Ground Breaking, and The Pride Center is open to our GLBT community and all of our allies.

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Equality for all is urged

Elray, I have never seen a church bullied into anything, and quite frankly, it is usually the other way around with the church bullying into other peoples matters.

Equality is not a "state" issue, it's a human issue, where under the constitution we are supposed to ALL be afforded the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Not what you or a church says is happiness. Wanting to love someone is not infringing on your happiness, but not being able to love someone IS infringing on mine.

You are right that we will never stop until we not only what we want, but what we deserve, equal protection and inclusion under the law. Do you understand that there are 1,136 rights that married couples are granted that I cannot get. That is discrimination clear and simple. Marriage is a ceremony, and a fairly recent one at that, the straight community never had a monopoly on it, accept in their minds.

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Equality for all is urged

The first was an "analogy" the second was fact. I wouldn't expect someone of your deep seated knowledge to know the difference, it's okay.

I am too easy to get drawn back into this, but your comments are just so ignorant that I can't help myself. There are less gays today and not staying as long? Are you serious? The gay population is growing, we are coming out earlier instead of being in the closet and afraid of homophobes like you, and those that have contracted AIDS, just as our straight counterparts are living longer than ever with new medical advancements. Sorry about your luck.

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Equality for all is urged

My last response to you USA1 but because people like you cannot be reasoned with and actually have no reason. If you can't think of any pandemic besides AIDS that was primarily in the heterosexual community, I suggest you ask the CDC for help. They have many plagues and pandemics they will share with you. Being gay is not about AIDS. It is a horrible disease that did at one time devistate the gay community, but it has proved to be an equal opportunity disease. I might point out to you that Lesbians, who also happen to be gay, have the least number of reported AIDS cases compared to any other group including hetero's. Our beloved sisters the lesbians will be here with you a long time to come, even if your utter inane comment of AIDS taking out the gay men came true, Gay is here to stay. The gay community does not define ourselves by a disease, I would appreciate if you wouldn't either.

You say you don't want to be politically correct, but all you want to do is espouse talking points that are vastly ridiculous and mostly out-dated. Of course we can't procreate, God put us on earth to take care of all the kids the hetero's don't want, (when we are allowed.) If it were up to us we would want to end the population?? That's ludicrous. We are happy being about 10% of the population. If it weren't for you hetero's having gay babies, we would cease to exist. ACT UP has not been active for decades, and was a very effective group to bring attention to a disease that was vastly ignored by our government. Believe it or not, AIDS research is being asked for every year by lots of organizations, most of them representing hetero's. Of course we still rally for funding, but again, the disease is no longer known as just a gay disease, only in your mind.

Finally, as far as being tested. I do it because I am single and not in a relationship at the moment, and I never am more anxious than any single person should be today. I practice safe sex, and I do not worry. If you are in a committed relationship, you should not have to have more than 1 AIDS test. If you are single USA1, you are the one being foolish not getting tested regularly. It's not yourself you are testing for, it's for the people you have been with. Good luck to you, I hope you find more people to argue with this weekend, you seem to enjoy it so.

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Equality for all is urged

USA1 I can trust my lover to be truthful as much as you can trust your lover or your wife for being faithful to you and not sleeping around and giving you AIDS and other STD's. Again, OUR community stemmed the rise of AIDS more than any others and it is now on the rise in the community again, but still not where it is rising the most. I get tested twice a year, do you? Unfortunately you must not have heard about a continent called Africa where there is the largest AIDS pandemic in the world, and guess what, it's in the hetero community there.

Why do you have to equate gay people with sex? Are you that pre-occupied with it. We aren't. We are students, doctors, lawyers, entertainers, grandparents, and everyday citizens. Do you really have nothing better to do than police another persons bedroom? Such a sad and miserable life you must lead.

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Equality for all is urged speak well of what you were taught, but there is more to be learned about the bible and interpretations. I think you might find the following links informative for you. We will start with Sodom and Gomorrah, since that is the most widely used and most misunderstood and warped by christians trying to condemn others. The real reason of destruction for S & G was Pride and the Inhospitability of the people there.

1 Timothy doesn't need to be refuted, it is taken out of context and does not portend to homosexuality.

Jude 7 does not need to be refuted either because you are basing it on your interpretation of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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Equality for all is urged

USA1 you are a nutjob, while it's true the first reported case of AIDS in the US was by a gay man and he was patient zero here, he contracted it overseas, and when you trace it back in Europe, there is no proof of it being started by someone gay.

Yes it was very predominant in our community and I dare you to find a fact saying that anyone in our community gave it to a child on purpose to get a reaction. That's ignorant and libelous, find any factual data that proves that.

By the way, if we didnt demand and fight for research, the world would be a lot worse off today for it. Our community was also the first one to react to the crisis and that is why it is now transmitted less in the gay community than the straight community. Either way it doesn't matter, it's a disease and not a punishment for a lifestyle and shouldn't be wished on anyone.

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