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Betras won't dislodge Humphries

"At some point, even the press is going to figure out that Betras’ attacks are nothing more than a publicity stunt — and will stop taking them seriously."
Obviously, you haven't reached that point yet.

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Liberty schools face fiscal mess

I think I'm missing something. Where in this article did it say anything about money being missing? Where does it say that anyone stole anything? My impression, from reading the material presented, is that perhaps Ms. Obermiyer has problems with organization, recordkeeping, documentation, etc., but I don't see where anyone is accusing her of any type of theft. Whether there is more to this remains to be seen, but I don't understand why the Vindicator allows people (mike10 and Nunya, for example) to print statements (their statements are presented as statements, not opinions) on this forum saying that she stole money, and trashing her reputation before all the facts are presented.

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10-foot gator chomps on Fla. deputy’s cruiser

I'd "hide from the gator", too!

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In final months, Wilson gave staff $119K in perks

kpan: Read the article again - those are Quarterly Numbers - so they all need to be multiplied by four (which should have been done in the article to not only give a clearer picture but to state exactly what the annual salaries will now be). So, for example, someone making $30k a quarter is actually making $120k a year! Definitely a job I would take - who wouldn't?

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Mahoning Valley unemployment rate is 11.2 percent

I wonder if those numbers include the people who are unemployed but are no longer receiving unemployment. And are the numbers down because people have simply dropped off of unemployment, or because they have found jobs, or because they have left the state...

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Feel a shake? We had a quake!

"was centered about a half-mile north of state Route 193 on the city’s west side."

The must have been some quake if it moved Route 193 (Belmont Ave) over to the West Side! (Actually, wouldn't a half mile north of 193 put you in Lake Erie?)

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Lottery gives you blue balls!

Unbelievable. This is so unbelievably inappropriate. I do not have a prudish bone in my body and I still find this highly offensive. I cannot believe the Vindicator has allowed one of their staff to even post this trash. This paper wants to be taken seriously and be respected by their readers and then they allow this kind of garbarge to be put on this site? So many people make so many derogatory comments about the Youngstown area and its residents - and now our newspaper has resorted to publishing what is little more than the type of childish remarks you would expect from a middle-school-aged boy.

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