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Well spoken sir..... well spoken

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The governor touted the state’s job creation under his watch

Why is it the people of this valley are NEVER satisfied with anything? That I'm entitled mentality is why so many folks here are lazy & unemployed. Unions & their ideals started out good intentions & all but then found greed & political power. From there steel mills & auto makers got greedy & never satisfied & the valley goes to hell in a hand basket. Let someone come in & create some jobs locally & see the union thugs protesting outside while people try to shop & save a buck or 2. Added stupidity is like the cherry on top of our collective sundae. Democrats with the give it all away mentality don't seem to realize that someone has to pay for this stuff.... any guesses who?

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I agree with you. All these Democratic votes are doing is making this a nanny state. A lot of folks are in for a shock when they go from full time to part time as a result of Obama care making it too expensive for employers to afford them. But it's gimme gimme gimme and where is mine? Get off your butts folks and EARN it like our parents and grandparents before us. America is about opportunity not entitlements. Wake up before you ruin it for our next generations.

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Police seize 24 pounds of marijuana

Ya can't even get smart drug dealers these days... What idiot would ever have the bright idea to ship 24 lbs by UPS? Oh yeah..... THIS ONE...... someone named Big Ray will be waiting for his new cell mate when ya get to prison....

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Mahoning Valley jobless rate ticks upward in December

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January 23, 2013 at 7:27 a.m.


well well Lizzy.... welcome to Obama's new world. where all the successful are punished by taxing the crap out of them and expecting them to chip in to pay for all the folks too lazy to get off their entitled asses and earn things by.... what's the word?.... oh yeah.... WORK!!! This world doesn't owe anyone anything... America grants opportunity.... a chance.... the rest has to be earned!!!! stay tuned folks..... hell in a hand basket is where we're headed.....

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Island Mike, you are an idiot! Do us all a favor and shut your pie hole!

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Not specific? Romney laid out economic principals you get at Economics 101 in most colleges or high schools. Obama still don't get it! We don't need organized, we need a business man approach to fix the biz of government. Wake up folks!

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3 accused in fight plead not guilty

Pointed a gun at the head of her friend? What kind of friend points a gun at your head?

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New Castle cop faces hearing in death of Chico

I agree. Fire his ass and lock him up for animal cruelty.

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