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Nuisance order locks up Cell

the best part of this is all the people who write in have prob never been to the cell. i never seen them serve one minor. yes they are 19 and over but so what,so is jay jays,pal joeys, mickeys.its the same everywhere.ok if you dont think young people should drink that is understandable.but y do frat houses have keg parties and hire a ysu cop to sit in a cruiser outside the sure there is underage drinking there.and whatever else may go that means ysu is ok with it as long as they are making money,and another kicker,ysu baseball accepted money from the cell for a donation and also had dj phatty throw out the first pitch at cafaro who are really the corrupt people in this town.its your poloticians and long as they get a payoff they are happy and if they dont then bad press to the ones that dont pay.also a person was shot and killed outside of pal joeys,they are still open,someone shot at a customer at bw3s downtown,they r still open.doesnt anyone see the corruption here but me.

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Nuisance order locks up Cell

to all of the people who are writing in about the cell.the two girls are over the age of 21 and they both use to bartend there.i have been a patron of the cell for a very long time and i am over the age of 21. i think that it is very unfair of what the city has done to them but all the other bars that have been actually serving the minors are allowed to stay open,what bout jay jays,mickeys,barleys,bw3s.they all serve minors. i can tell you that the staff of the cell did nothing wrong.and to bucknutz who made the comment about the dj.i know the dj very well.he is one of the most stand up guys around. the reason the cell is so busy is because of him.he is one of the most talented djs that i have ever to call him fat is ignorant. looks do not matter,he is a professional and would help anyone he could. i actually feel bad for him cause he is losing money doing what he loves the most. to the people reading this that support the cell you should do what you can to help them and as far as the dj goes someone should try and help him personally and get him a job in a bigger club.he is by far one of the most popular djs in ohio and loves is unfair to him to be put down like this for whatever may be goin on.i would stand by him 100% because when push came to shove he would do it for this city. it is an honor to know someone of so much character and compassion for his job and his city.its jus to bad that you cant see it.

someone popular.

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