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A jury is set to hear a former Struthers police officer’s OVI case


So two wrongs make a right? We are not discussing "other" officers are we. Stay focused. What other proof do you have that others on the force have done "worse". Boy you make no sense. Plus since you live in this "if" world ... what if someone got hurt? what BS are you listening to? People that want police to lead by example. Your BS is just let cops get away with everything. Yea you make sense. Obviously you have better things to do because you can't face the truth or reality. What a sheltered life you live where cops and people aren't held responsible for their actions. Maybe IF you could be rational and have reasoning you could sit down and talk to someone who lost a loved one to a drunk driver and see that it is a SERIOUS offense since you believe it is not...

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A jury is set to hear a former Struthers police officer’s OVI case

MGG0828 you wrote "Ppl need to start stepping back and asking themselves, what if this was my son or daughter, brother or's about time that ppl let this issue go"

Mr Lamping chose to drink and drive. We cannot choose to play the "what if" game. If that is the case "what if" he killed your son or daughter, brother or sister" would you be so inclined to say "let the issue go"? I doubt it.
He chose to drink and drive and now has to suffer the consequences. I love how people bring up well so and so did this. Those wrongs do not make his actions right.
Even in the video tape he has to mention that he is a "cop" so he expects special treatment. That doesn't work for anyone else. How can we trust Lamping to protect and serve when he has no regards for the safety of others when he endangered the public with his actions.

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Shooting in shadow of YSU

@ EXCEL. Do you attend YSU? How do you know it’s safe? Lot of crimes goes on "unreported" or is close by that doesn’t count against the "campus" crime statistics. I am a current student so I can speak from how I feel and how fellow students feel. No it does not feel safe. Cars are broken into and yes there are burglaries in and around campus.

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Choffin students aim to provide holiday cheer for homeless pets

I think the students are doing a great service and are stand up individuals for their community. Its great that they are helping out animals in need. And to you "ulistenup" get a freaking life. What does it matter to you whom they are helping. What good are you providing the world besides consuming oxygen you mouth breather. Shame on you to critizes young adults. LOSER.

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Alumni couple gift YSU with $1 million for campus beautification

thank you to Healeys for your great gift! you are truly wonderful people!

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Adorning Idora: Block now a model of success

@brownies.. ok here is a solution use the money to tear down the junk that is around the Idora area. Just because honesty isn't what is "hip" in your world makes everyone else a nay sayer or "problem. or being negative. The effort is frutile. The area is too long gone. Yes everyone is waiting in lines to buy the referb house next to what? the fosters? the deserted park inn? the crack houses? oh yea there is a new bottom dollar. wow now thats a reason to throw good money after bad. You can call all the "realist" negative problems but the problem is past saving. Get over your history and move on. Use the money to save areas that still can be saved.

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Anti-drinking and driving video being made in Brookfield

need to be an anti texting and driving video.. much more dangerous. not that drinking and driving is tolerable but look at the idiots all over the road while texting.

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Adorning Idora: Block now a model of success gotta love the ignorance that elmendorf87 has. This is not about politics its simple math. Would you buy something for $9k then spend $90K to sell for $40K. What a bunch of idiots. I don't care if it beautifies this dump or not that makes NO sense but with a "wo is me" attitude like you bashing what others point out as true no wonder the area is in the shape it is in. .... that is a waste of $59K!!! what a joke.

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Video shows Fla. man shooting at would-be robbers

way to go sam! we need some of this actions up here!

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Wean opens new offices

awesome job! good luck!!!

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